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Getting a little bored. Switch to DW?

04/03/2013 09:55 AMPosted by LSOJJ
I used my Skorn for TR, 350 hours at least. I always hated the slow attack speed/animations, why do you love it so much?

I have gotten VERY used to making each hit count as opposed to maximizing up-time of hits.

They are pretty massively different playstyles.

For example, when I bell things with Empowered Wave in MP10 I have gotten super used to orb-walking while I do it because the lost 0.1 seconds to orb-walk is meaningless when my bells take ~1s to cast.

However, when my bells take 0.33 seconds, an additional 0.1 to move is a HUGE loss of dps efficiency.

That is just one example ... but in general I have moved my focus entirely to a "this one skill counts for a lot so don't mess it up" mind-set instead of "you need to be casting spells and using skills as much of the time as possible" mind-set.

Also, I am not 100% accustomed to the spirit regen that is granted through GP and when I have to use my spirit-gen as my main source of spirit income, I want to cry.
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Thank the heavens you aren't switching over. Not that I would mind having you, but you've become the iconic two hander around here.

Would be a shame if all monks looked the same.

I am a little relieved that I hated it tbh!

I would miss my skorn so much if I switched away.

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If Druin stops using a 2H, Sahptev as we know it may cease to exist.
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Tried duel-wield for at least an hour last night and wanted to die.

This game just doesn't feel right to me without my Skorn anymore! :D

I am honestly not sure how long I have been using it ... but I can't imagine not doing so.

If you don't sell it any time soon, I would love to have it linked to me in game so I could check your Skorn's DPS against mine.

Same with you and the duped one Shandlar! <3


-Druin, the happy monk

This ha. I am very unsure about DWing...

It feels... Wrong?

I don't think i'll sell it, maybe i'll just resell my 1her lol.
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@Cayzer, how much are u looking for your skorn? =)
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