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20 mill to someone help my monk


put this monk together last night, not knowing how to play the character, and I realized what people were talking about when they said it's frustrating as hell this character.

I would appreciate some help, if someone could advise me which skill build I should be using, also if they could show m a couple items in auction house to buy and upgrade my guy.

I will pay whoever helps me ******20 million gold****.

basically I would like you to have a descent monk and train me.

add me in game MasterK#1591
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in my personal experience, moving from mp-8 to mp-10 the biggest survivability factor for me was swapping from a single life steal weapon to duel life steal weapons. You will see allot of people say that it’s not required, but man it makes a huge difference. Especially sub 250k paper dps.
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What you are running is what was formerly known as the cookie cutter build. That was extremely useful when you were able to snapshot SW/Cyclone. But they have since nerfed that ability, but also buffed a bunch of spirit spenders - of which, Wave of Light was one of the biggest benefactors. Here's a build that I have been running when I DW:


DS may take a little getting used to, as is trying to survive without Serenity, but it's definitely doable and fun. Many of the big spirit spenders calculate damage off of the MH (there are threads that talk about this in the monk forums), so you will be better off switching your MH with your OH, as your OH clearly hits for larger damage over your EF (even if the DPS figure looks higher... that's because of the APS of the weapon). The fact that you can definitely be OWE free means that you have some leeway when it comes to passives.

Before dropping any gold in AH, I'd suggest you learn about the skills with what you have. As you get familiar with the monk and get to know the kind of playstyle you want to adopt, it will inform your upgrade choices. Feel free to add me in-game and I can show you the ins and outs of some of the skills. I will be on tonight after 10PM EST. I can also show you some interesting synergies that aren't immediately apparent that might make this game more fun / less frustrating. My monk is not as well geared as yours, but I can certainly try to give you some pointers as the name of my game is to try to maximize the effectiveness of a (relatively) poor monk. :)
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I tried that build on Mp6 and was continuously dying, I'm not sure if I'm using my using my skills at the correct moment.

Anyway I've added you in game, ttyl
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I see you have tons of attack speed and you are playing on MP6 , here are a few things after looking at your gear and skill choices:
1. You should probably drop OWE. You are not stacking much of any secondary resistance, with only your Nats ring having some additional physical resistance.

2.You should probably drop Guardians Path passive as well, I don't think this helps you a ton where it matters, plus you have enough HP and Damage so you should be filling up that Health glob pretty quick.

You could replace those 2 with combo strike, Chant of Resonance, etc.

Besides that get some more armor and dexterity
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the old cookie cutter is still viable but bells is all the rage but anyway that strength roll on vile wards is a waste of a roll

and use boy if you gonna keep those skills or combo boy and sti sub blazing wrath for blazing fists

but I don't know much im not a pro
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If you are looking for some help hit me up. I used to farm MP10 CotA @ 60K DPS so it is deffinetly achivable to do high MP's w/ low DPS. Now I am just shy of 80K DPS and my clear times ar improving alot.

If I was going TR build/Alk A3 runs I used to only be able to do about MP3 with little trouble. Only one thing held me back from farming MP10 and it is the still Exploding Palm.

Hit me up in game and I can show you how to use the current build I am using, and no doubt there are improvements to my build.
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add me in game if you need help

I can give you a lay out of what is useful, and what you need to do mp10
i learned that you dont need double life steal for mp10, but without 2x lifesteal weapons, you have to becareful around reflect mobs.
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Im usually on a lot add me in game if you need help. For some reason I don't see your gear in your profile.

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n my personal experience, moving from mp-8 to mp-10 the biggest survivability factor for me was swapping from a single life steal weapon to duel life steal weapons. You will see allot of people say that it’s not required, but man it makes a huge difference. Especially sub 250k paper dps.


I used to rock a 3% life steal weapon (open socket) and a Won Kim Lau with 60% crit and open socket but did not like that when fighting Ghom on MP5 I had to pop serenity and use health potions.

I swapped to 6% life steal and MP6 Ghom is stupid easy and I helped 2 people do Ubers on MP6 when before, we would die on MP5...the move to 6% life steal helped me survive a boat load.
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I have a few tank weps in my stash i'm not using anymore as I now have a Echo and WKL both with LS. I could lend you those to try and you'll probably want them for sure.

Both weps have:
680 Loh
3% LS
open socket

770 Loh
2.8% LS
open socket.

Use both of these with the Transendence passive and you will tank just about anything. You can try them out if you like. I also have a Inna's head pc with 60 LPSS. With those 3 and passive, you will have 245.6 LPSS which is 12.8K HP per mantra spam.

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I facetank MP7 and can clear MP10 solo with only 3% LS, but with 160k DPS it takes a good bit of skill and unusually high mitigation and EHP. I am using the gear and skills you see in my profile for high MP play. I do hope to move to dual LS weapons (at least situationally) at some point, but I am dead broke from the journey to this point.
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