Diablo® III

Just finished Inferno solo with 10k dmg.....

I'm working on Paragon LV 4 and I'm just confused? I see people with 100k dmg 200k dmg 300k dmg! Am I structured wrong? It seems to work for me awesome and I mean if it works it works, but how do I keep my survivability up like it is while trying to get more dmg? Is 10k normal for finishing Inferno?

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10k seems low, I'm imagining it took some time to beat the game but you have good resistances and vitality. Obviously looming around the forums are plenty of folks with high DPS and survivability...

I think I was at 28k when I beat diablo inferno the 1st time but it was a struggle!


BTW, if you're running only self found gear, respect!
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lol yeah it's all self found! I appreciate that! I haven't dealt much with AH yet because I loves my drops and the excitement! Not only that but when I find something I COULD sell my g/f or a friend is like OH can I have that!? AND of course I send it their way... It didn't really take that long at all though my crits on the Wave are like 100k and I spam it ALOT. I was just confused with why my dmg reflects so low but everything seemed pretty easy. I'm going to attempt the MP levels now and get back with an update of how it goes! Thanks AnHilaTor! I agree though for some reason I just thought the reflection of just 10k was REALLY low but I was able to go from Act 3 - Beating Diablo in like 4 hours last night and was just like ummmmmmmm. Hmmmmm.... That was unexpected.
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Well now that ur in inferno, CRAFT!!! Save those demonic essences and start with shoulders then go from there. Just the dex you'd get in each slot would be an improvement over what you have but wait until you get some good stats. Crit on bracers but with all resist or arcane for you. That's what I would do if I were in ur shoes.

Good luck!
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this guy finished inferno with garbage blue gear... its a good laugh
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