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New Player: save/save/craft with essences

I just started, and I saw (after selling to the NPC hundreds of blues for 10-30g) that I can make good money(~900 gold/one) with the essences obtained from items. I am currently on Normal, and I was wondering:
- should I save them to craft something that would make me more money later, when I will have enough gold to level BS?
- should I sell them and carry on to Nightmare -> Hell -> etc?

Thank you for your time.
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This was the way I got my first 100k. Took a very long time and not very effective if you can farm hell or higher. Extremely good for new players who dont have any friends though but still want to have money early on.

It only works with subtle essences so nightmare/hell/inferno its not worth it at all.
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what do people craft with subtle essence?
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must be some well guarded secret then! :)
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what do they craft?....

about... nothing. thats the secret.
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Don't craft anything until you get to inferno
Don't upgrade the smith/artisan until inferno

I made my mistake by crafting random stuff all the way until I got to lv60. And If I haven't crafted anything I will be much richer. 10m? Can't remember.

If you want to play with AH free. This is the best way to go. Or save up money for cheap AH upgrade when you get to inferno

when you get to inferno, on average any player can get 2-3m per hour of playing.

First craft the new BOA items, and get a nice dps boost and enjoy low mp before you progress into higher difficulties.

To answer question about what did they crafted
OP has a set on him. Cain's Set is what they are crafting.
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I raised my blacksmith and jeweler to 10 quickly after release, we had no good patterns, and it wasted an insane amount of gold doing that...

Don't bother crafting until inferno and you can farm the BoP patterns.
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