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Hey guys; I'm still relatively new to Diablo 3, and my first character is a monk. I'm having some difficulty deciding how to improve my monk so I thought I'd make a post on this forum, so any advice would be welcome.
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If I were you, I'd look to upgrade my gloves to trifectas with at least 8/8/30 & 100+dex, which you could probably find pretty cheaply on the AH. Then I'd craft bracers with higher cc. Followed by nats boots with higher dex. You could probably afford to loose some vit but if you have trouble staying alive you may want to look for a second weapon with ls.

Also, you could reference my monk's build for a pretty straightforward one.
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You're using One With Everything, but not getting as much benefit from it as you could. Generally, you should either drop it and gear up with AR only gear (very expensive) or be willing to use it to find more reasonably priced gear that will be just as useful to you as gear with AR.

It's hard to know exactly where I'd be looking to buy without knowing your exact budget, goals, and what you hold important. (You've got a bunch of puck up radius. Do you feel you need it? etc.)

Anyway, here's a few items I saw on the AH that I think represent a 14K DPS / 16K EHP improvement, also shifting more of your EHP coming from mitigation, which is something you need to do. More mitigation (armor/resists) is a better way to get EHP than Vit because your healing from Life Steal is more effective.


I don't know if any of these are within budget for you, but they highlight what I might be looking for in gear:

1. higher Dex rolls on the helm, chest
2. Better resist rolls where they are low
3. Much more offense on the gloves.
4. A willingness to use OWE to get stats that would otherwise be unaffordable
5. Look for alternative ways to get DPS on the nat's ring (average damage and higher Dex or a socket, for example)

You may also want to look for a solid rare chest. Inna's is OK, but the three-piece set bonus is rather meh, so you're not tied to Inna's chest if you find a better one. I'm partial to Tal rasha's chest with 230+ Vit and your resist of choice (arcane for you) if you see a good deal.

Oh, and Welcome to Monkdom!
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Thanks for your posts guys, but I forgot to mention that I'm trying a bunch of different thing with my build right now so it's really messed up, lol. Also, my budget is about 600 mill.
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