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Spam bot solution

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General chat is full of spam bots, we report them, but nothing happens. Why?

Because the majority of the time they are using starter accounts. So even if they get banned, they make another one for free.

Well today my friends I have a solution!

Level restrict chats.

Starter Edition ends at lvl 13, make chats available at lvl 14.
"Congratulations you have reached level 14! Welcome to General chat! To leave General chat or join other channels click on the settings icon."

Or perhaps an easier way would be to make starter editions not have the ability to join chat at all.

At least this way spammers will have to pay $$$ if they want to continue spamming, and when we report we actually help the problem, instead of increasing the workload.

I just though of this while laying in bed, feel free to improve this idea in the comments!
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Or they will just hack and steal accounts and use those... like they already do.
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You must purchase $1 worth of items on RMAH to be able to chat on General Chat.
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Logged in just to rate this!
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You must purchase $1 worth of items on RMAH to be able to chat on General Chat.
lol best solution for spambots. But honestly report spam actually helps or at least on EU.
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I wholeheartedly agree with this. Making it so starter editions cannot use general chat is a great idea. It won't stop the people who are hacking accounts but it will still make an impact on the amount of spamming in the game.
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I don't know, the spam bots help me regulate my clicking flow and scrolling flow. To speed craft and to spam clicks faster to do faster runs. MY APM feels just about right thanx too them everyday.
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good idea, you have my support. people without the full version of diablo 3 shouldn't have the ability to use chat and post topics here on forums either!
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I like this idea!
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I also like this idea
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error: starter accounts already cannot join general chat.

hacked accounts/botting accounts are what is used to harvest your battle tag.


a) give players options via radio button selection

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