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Collecting ideas for dodge, come in & discuss

- monk does not = barb, so this is not a thread to give monks perma skills or more LS
- DODGE is what makes monk unique (supposedly), but it fails on so many levels
- please discuss / post on what new INNATE dodge should have without breaking the class / game

what blizz really need to do is to make dodge EFFECTIVE by considering something like this:

A - per successful DODGE gain 15 spirit
B - per successful DODGE gain 5% total HP
C - per successful DODGE gain 7.5 spirit & 2.5% total HP

this should be a STANDARD for all monks to have, without having to use a particular skill / passive. so for players with LOW dex it will not be as effective comparing to those with high 2k or over 3k dex.

- per successful DODGE X% of reflect damage back at the attacker
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Wtf. Those options are so ridiculous lol. When I'm facing elites, I dodge like 5 atacks per sec meaning I will be invincible.(25% life on top of ls+loh)
Idea is good tho but those numbers need tweaking.
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well, you sir have a good base of dex so yes, it will be AWESOME for you....
just one option from the top. and yes the numbers can always be tweaked.
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Considering we will never be as durable as barbarians I have suggested on many occasions to add counter attack tactic. Basically every time you dodge you deal a % of weapon damage to the target you dodged. This makes sense because it works in a similar but different way from
Backlash. The higher dex the higher the dodge the more damage applied. This also opens up itemization options. Perhaps a legendary fist weapon allows you to increase the % weapon damage applied.

This also work thematically, not that blizzard cares about that :/
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@ Phoenix

your ideal is great as well. something definitely needs to be done for the monk class. given the FACT that:

- you CAN'T dodge everything (especially elemental attacks). Only frozen / mortar I have seen, fire / acid / arcane / firechain is something i have not yet seen (or can anyone confirm?)
- dex = damage / dodge vs str = damage / armor. therefore it is very easy for a BARB to boost up their natural armor defense against all types of attacks
- for a monk searching for a gear with dex / armor which means you will lose out on one stats vs barb getting a piece with str / armor = damage & double armor stats.
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Just have dex add to our armor and not to our dodge, and then let strength add to our crit damage or something. Doesn't need to be the same for every class, or switch it for everyone, since dodge doesn't work for much I'd just make it a different mod altogether and let people decide if it is something they value on their gear or not like +block%.
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I think dodge is what it is. The game has been out a year. I don't think they will change such a major thing like how a primary stat functions at this point. I agree dex is the worst priory stat, but they just need to balance monk and DHs gear and skill accordingly. I still like the idea of skills or passives that give a benefit when dodging an attack. I think the best option is spirit gain on dodge. This would be a fitting mechanic, and hard to abuse like barbs can with into the fray.
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As you said...we are NOT barbarians.
That means any mechanic should NOT be life steal.

If you want to incorporate a "gain XXXXXX (%) when you dodge [for Y seconds]" type mechanic I'm all for it. But to fit with our class's theme it would either need to be LPSS or SR instead of LS I think.
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It's never gonna be made an innate ability. A passive? Yeah, they could give us a passive that does something for dodge.
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Have you heard of backlash... Wtf guys. Try 3k dex and you can AFK in a mob on mp10. Do you have the text that comes up when you dodge?

Ya'll are crazy. Dodge works fine.
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Dodge would be perfect if not for those nasty ground effects. Perhaps tweaking it so that a portion of the ground effect is mitigated instead of all the damage?

ie. Successful dodge will reduce ground effect damage by 10%?

Anything more (or else) would be OP. Ground effects are the only thing that kills mid/high tier monks.
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