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Anyone try to run high MP without LS?

I have a nice sword that puts me at 380k dps(PVP!) but no LS! so i've been playing around with a few builds and nothing seems to come close...

i was wondering if anyone had some ideas for builds that that work in this case. i'm relying heavily on the Transcendence passive and spirit generation with a spam button so i can heal, but so far nothing seems to be very smooth. i made it through a few elite packs on MP10, but RD wiped me out and ground effects force me to run and wait for serenity to cooldown before i can dive in and do 4 more seconds of damage! LOL!

looking forward to your opinions, and as i mess around, if i find something that works for me i'll share!


PS1: wouldn't a LS passive be nice! LOL! but alas, i am not a Barb o.O
PS2: i'm not changing/buying gear, i want to use the skills they gave us with my current gear and find the sweet spot...
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A dead monk deals 0 damages be it you have 1mil dps.

Maybe try the LPSS/LPS way? Transendence passive is there to use. MoH too.
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I have 82% IAS and was around 2k LoH with about 1500 LpS, and 55 LPSS ... I could run MP 9 with my Shenlong set without any problems but needed to switch to LS for MP10. The difference was very noticeable and I had to grab a LS weapon (too bad the shenlong set didnt have LS instead of LoH).

As far as your PS1, I agree. As a melee class we should have access to another source of LS other than weapons, being that Barbs have 2. They had an opportunity to amend this with the Mantra of Healing Rune they changed but they added a pathetically low LoH value instead. If they had added LS to that rune, it would have created some build diversity by moving some players away from MoC.
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I've done quite a bit of build testing on MP10 cota with my non-LS skorn. Depending on affixes on the pack, it's easily doable to near impossible lol. More often than not though, health globes are more than enough to keep going, if you're killing fast enough.
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Builds as in just skills that might let you survive RD with 0 sustain on your gear and 380K DPS? Difficult, but if you put SSS:FO on your bar, you can use that to kill RD enemies and take no damage. Obviously, try hitting the RD enemies that aren't currently reflecting with your punches when you can.

If that's not enough, infinite spirit + Transcendence also works, although I've never tried it at DPS levels far above 100K, so I don't know that it holds up... If SSS isn't enough, you could try:


Kind of a waste to have no real spirit spender in the build, but you spend up to 75% of the time either truly invincible (Serenity, SSS), or with nearly invincible (infinite spirit + Transcendence). Might work. I'd honestly first try just running SSS and Serenity with Beacon of Ytar and seeing if that's enough to handle RD packs at the rate they come up.
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I ran for a long time MP10 with 1500LOH DW with high attack speed, STI and OWE for high mitigation and Thunderclap. It works well but does trap you into a narrow skillset. So I won't go that path again.
PVP you don't need LS or LOH.
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@OP, not very possible at MP10 since we're melee class. If you are WD and you have pets to tank for you, while you shoot from range, it will become much more likely to go through MP10 without a lot of life sustain.
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AnHi to be successful on higher MPs without LS try this build. It all comes down to slow down incoming damage.

Serenity Acension - obv
SSS - Pandamonium - stunning E's so you can dispatch them one at a time
BF - FitL - stops incoming damage for few seconds while upping your DPS substantially
Bells - the knockback works wonders in stopping incoming damage form E's for a second and lets gives you opening to reposition yourself against Arcane, Plague and what not and clears trash mob.
Whatever mantra floats your boat...MoC is fine Mantra with LOH but its crazy minimal imho should have been 1K LOH so it can be a good sub to barb 3%LS passive..

BoY - to decrease cooldown to use your skills more often.
NDE - your friend when stuff hits the fan.
STI - obv
or try and sneak in Transcendence.

Try it out this build give you options and keeps incoming damage in check while your limited sustain kicks in.

All skill and passive based so no additional items needed but check your stash to see if you have any more LpS, LpSS or LOH to squeeze in bit more sustain. Like use your VW for LpS if you still have em instead of your crafted shoulders kinda thing.


I'll hit you up next time I see you ingame to talk shop a bit and see how the little one is turning your life upside down inside out! =D
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Thanks for the input CC! And everyone else (except for Fitz) A stunner build would be effective.

I ran MP5 and it's actually too easy! My sweeping winds were killing mobs before I could hit them so spirit regent was a problem :-)

MP10 is completely impractical, mobs are manageable but multiple deaths every elite pack with crazy affixes. So MP8 might be the sweet spot but i havent had much time to play to experiment.
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We're all geared differently of course, but I found a build that works for my monk that allows me to play MP8 without LS. I did a full KD2 run, had 5 elite packs and no deaths! It's hairy at times and serenity cool down can not come quick enough but I found it fun to spam stun bells.

Take a look at my current profile and try for yourself! Of course pick the MP that best suits your needs... but it can be done! It's just NOT easy.

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04/22/2013 03:14 PMPosted by Fitz
Sometimes playing the game and finding new things is its own reward.

true that, but i'm always willing to share if i find something that could possibly benefit the Monk community!

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