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Why games change so much?

So I just finished the Leon campaign is Resident evil 6, and I don't understand why game developers changes things so much. I don't plan on playing the other characters campaigns because frankly I feel the game is garbage. Resident evil 2 or 4 are my favs (can't decide) but I don't get how the 4-5 transition occured??? wtf Capcom?
It's not just a Resident evil thing either, the first modern warfare was the best in the series why change it all? or Diablo 3 is another prime example it feels to me like they changed out the majority of what made Diablo 2.
This is not just a rant (Although I have lost faith in Blizzard, Capcom and Bioware to name a few)
But I would like answers. Why do you think games change so drastically? Do developers think that we will get bored if it's to similar? Do they think people want something so completely new rather than what has attracted fans to follow the series in the first place? I don't get it....
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I got an answer for you Niche game vs. Numbers game. It's just a guess though.
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Forum ate my first post I think.

Games evolve. Especially long running series that have been around for as long as Resident Evil. Using the same stuff repeatedly would work for a few games and stuff would have to change. Keep in mind that while it was RE6, there has been more than 6 games in the series.

Capcom simply went too far with the action and, in RE6, with the !@#$-ton of cut-scenes and QTEs. RE5/6 are fun co-op games, but are weaker entries in the RE series because they stray too far from the series roots. Hopefully, the Revelations console/PC port does well. It's tied with REmake as my favorite RE game.

As an aside, I actually think the overall system of RE6 would be really good for a different franchise; Dino Crisis. Dashing around, leaping over obstacles, sliding, rolling, and countering would be perfect for a Dino Crisis reboot. You need those kind of controls in order to make the dinos properly deadly to deal with. Just steer clear of a QTE-fest.
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What did Bioware change?
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Baldurs gate / NWN.
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