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Great DH! Very good balance of ehp and dps. To find anything that you need to work on would just be nit-picking. Good job man, keep it up!


Young DH! Many upgrades to go. You may try your luck on crafting some bracer, glove and shoulders. The worst piece of gear to replace immediately is your bracer. I know you r trying to build a knockback effect but the low CC of your bracer just don't buy it. Next is try to get a good Inna Temperance for IAS. If I use windforce, I will built it around with Bola Thunder ball for stun effect !@# knockback.
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Any advice for me would be much appreciated. ;)


I will do a double rating since many people are having multiple replies.

Nice gears overall. Maybe get a Mempo to strengthen yr build.

100/10. Holy crap man, crazy!

*As for me, just started playing again after a 3 month break, left before MP came out, just upgraded all my gear (went from like 60k DPS to 206k in the process) and still have about 40mil left*

6/10, you can spend some of that coin on crafting shoulders & bracers, can get lucky & come out ahead of Vile Ward & Strongarm.

Welcome back!

9/10, pretty balanced DH, you can probably get a better rare ring to replace hf if you don't care about leveling speed. Also not sure how much dps marq gems in wep would add but definitely could be an upgrade. You also can eventually craft better ammy probably.

Very impressive Calamity DH for sure. Almost at that 400k mark, great job! And you've got some decent eHP as well to compliment your dps.

I envy your crafted gloves by the way... Haha. Mine are found, hoping to craft a glove like yours eventually.

9.5 / 10 for an excellent DH.
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@Xenophis... jus love the tank build setup... very rare to see DH carrying a offhand other than a DML these days...

9/10 :)

need some advise badly on my DH... EU server BTW...
i like the high disc + nice ammy.
i definitly think you can find a better ring than the unity and since you arent using the set bonus, a witching hour seems better (not trying to be mean, you said you needed advice)
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though i never understand the desire to name accounts silly things.


though i never understand the desire to name accounts silly things.


Great gear but why no WH or Mempo? Have you looked into ruby/emerald?

though I never understand the desire to name accounts super serious things.
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nice setup, but need to upgrade the gems by atleast one tier if you can. Cant judge how you manage in high MP's but, a lil more AR would be helpful... cheers! :)


No offence taken :) i always welcome criticism.. yea, WH would look much better if m not using the 2 set Inna's bonus.. but m trying to find good inna's that could replace or even come close to the benifits of my rare pants.. bit tough coz of the budget constraint.. hahha :)

had a rare trifecta with low dex, but switched to unity as it gives me better base DPS... neeed to find a better unity though...

Edit : Spelling
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^ wanted to rate but your profile was unavailable :(
oops.. sorry, forgot to mention... EU server :)


Well balanced gears.
I think you just need a better calamity now..
I would also try socket Mempo.

Very nice Calamity Demon Hunter.
Possible changes:

- Dex Mempo with critical hit chance.
- Zunimassa boots. Maybe this should boost your DPS also. You should check d3up.com

8/10 I like your DH :)


Great gear and I like ur choice in skills. Awesome DH. Kudos.
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Great crafted bracers and calamity! 8/10. I think there are a lot of room to improve on your EHP.
@ Killua

Curious gloves you have on. Are they deliberate? Will u be one of those places that don't touch the gmah? If so, not bad dh.

Afraid I can't really rate you, cause I'm still fairly young. But I have seen ppl had better bracers and shoulders from crafting and I'm working towards that myself. :)
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