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@ Joon 7/10 You got some crazy Vitality there. I would upgrade those legs.

I know I need more vit.......

7/10....I would not use swords with that build, and get some IAS. I also would build a little more AR on the shoulders.
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It looks like you are on a tight budget to date. You are on the right track, but basically using low-end versions of high-end gear. Up your gems and start working on one or two big upgrades at a time.


@Joon (rated you before I realized we were on page two, so I just left it in)

Nice barb, with a few really nice pieces, and other pieces with room for improvement with reasonable prices. Examples: higher strength IK boots, stacked strength Mempo, and a better HF ring and amulet.

@AZ 6.5/10

Great barb brother! Anything you need to upgrade is big $. So I guess maybe a cc mempo....

Go easy on my hc barb, 100% self found
@CyLaNt 10/10 for being HC barb
Great gearing
10/10 for originality

@ Geoffery . i am not godly , i sit at the feet of the gods.

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@ Grogan~ Godly! MP10 all the way! Nice gear!

Decent but could be better. 6/10
@reign 8.5/10

@rater below me i know my AR is low right now gona get upgrades for those soon which are AR lacunis and ik armor for 2 set bonus and also crafting shoulders lol prolly gona get me 450+ AR atleast,
@ Frankillah 8/10

I've checked your breakpoints and unless I'm mistaken you have 11% more attack speed than what you need in wrath of the berserker. You could drop the attack speed on one of your pieces and stay at the same tdps. I would get some crit damage in that slot. That would probably increase your tdps to where it should be.

Like you said, with the resists you should be fine survivability wise, but I think you'll need bloodthirst to deal with mp10 elites/ubers.
@frankillah as you already said...low ar. Other than that, solid build. I think with that much hp, lower ar shouldnt be a huge issue. 7/10
@suckadeeez pretty awesomeh gears....solid hota ww build 9outta10
@g3n3s1s , Good barb! 9/10
@Shaman, pretty nice barb. 9/10. I know my barb needs a lot of work. lol
@Schlitz, 7/10 Solid build and talents, keep it up !
Fine spec for newbie 9/10
@DIEGO 7/10 craft some ammy also get some more hp
8/10 Nice amount of life.. must make up for the low all res.

Re-posting, Changed many items (Helm, 2 rings, and gloves)
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Perfect balanced stats across the board.
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