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Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even


awesome S&B monk! I would try to get gloves with posion resist... may be a WH with higher dex (I know I have no room to talk on that one)...

I say 9/10

Why is your name censored??
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Solid clasic tanky build good to handle ubber's, but for regular farming dont see why u need serenity with a shield and all.


8/10 Could upgrade gems, also could get light res on gloves i believe thats what you were stacking for res. overall nice monk

Very solid monk ! 9/10

Very solid monk ! 9/10

Starting out well, If you're going with the dual LS weps I would suggest 2 1H swords (APS) and change your gems to try and get at least the radiant stars in your weapons, and even getting a decent Inna's would be better than Andarials Helm.

skipped me
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skipped me

230k damage + WKL hidden damage, impressive.

Uh, lol literally the only thing I can say is trifecta jewerly but it's going to be very minor upgrades at this point. Great job, should be proud.

7/10 still room to play with the amulet slot and overall your AR is low 3xx

I assume this is your tempest rush build and its not too bad. Maybe a better SOJ?

6/10 for a TR build.

very nice monk with great defensive stats, that pants of yours is so nice

I assume this is your tempest rush build and its not too bad. Maybe a better SOJ?

6/10 for a TR build.

In dilemma whether to use a TR SoJ or a WoL SoJ, got one 5%cold/30/2.0SR/3%WoL & not planning to TR once I hit PL100 so I'm not gonna invest a 30/2.3SR/TR SoJ

Next person can rate XinFanChen

not bad. upgrade the gems and just aim for more stats everywhere. hp is a little low but once you take the ruby out of the helm you will be in better shape. 7/10

Very nice monk Solid DPS/EHP 9/10

Nice DPS and a very nice glove.

Nice monk Vincent, I assume pvp gear? If so 8/10.

150k with S&B? Keep it up! I dont know a whole lot about S&B but I know its stupid !@#$ing expensive haha, I tried it. its pretty awesome though!! I wouls change out your skull grasp though. IMO they are garbage, I'd go with a rare ring instead

@ghost 9/10...Everything looks good. I would work on crafting better gloves and hopefully you can roll a trifecta with some form of EHP. How is your survival like...I see you have 38 k HP and don't use near death experience. It appears your resists would be low as well too but it is hard to judge.
My surv. is okay. nothing great, I want ot get another LS weapon but I dont want to lose THAT much dmg, I still have 300+m gold to work on upgrades and what not. so any ideas are appreciated!!

You have nice gear but I would get more life TBH, I started with 31k the other day, I didnt spend a whole lot to get to where I am. I would say drop the res on your chest for more vit. I dont know how you would feel about that. you can get about 150 more vit that way
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