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Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even

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I left the Shens at the cleaners and had to go out slaying with these spares :)


Rate Shaky above me.

you spill some ketchup on them while eating your tater tots?

rate Shaky a couple above me. I know I'm 10/10

Nah I'm getting them spit polished my Shens. I'm going to HS reunion this weekend and I want to look snazzy.


Rate Shaky one post above my original post :D

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@me - im the bom- too bad you need 250$ now to get upgrades since all gg ones are third party horded or no longer listed in GAH since gold is inflated and the GAH is dead
Excellent monk!
If I was to be critical I would say more dex and vit on mempo and make all of your radiant star gems into marquise. Not too much to improve here.


nice setup... all you guys are crafting nice amulets... one's with over 85% crit dmg.. I'm just waiting for mine to come any moment now lol



I have a new setup

switched out of Nats bc I wanted more EHP... I'm still at 46% crit chance unbuffed, gained over 25 k + HP

and im still at 498 all resistance without OWE

what do you guys think?
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I'm posting for lols. 8/10
@NoRain Is this a self found character? Lookin good so far 6/10
Be gentle fellow Monks. I'm actually really proud of what I can do on my Monk (I can solo MP8 ubers) and I've been able to progress slowly. I have played since release but took a few months off here and there (Wife, 2 kids, and a new house!) but my Monk is my baby.

I'm rapidly getting to the point of not being able to upgrade a ton without crazy amounts of gold. Hopefully 1.09 actually introduces quite a few we can choose from.

Still working on better shoulders...grr

Edit: Forgot to rate Tranquility! Very nice TR Monk. Your Ammy is whoa... I would try to upgrade your bracers to get some more Vit and All res but damned solid overall. 9/10
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nice setup, u can work on the crafted items to build on more vit, ur armour can drop to ard 5000-5500 and try to upgrade on the gems.

6/10 +0.5 for achieving mp8 w this build, +0.5 if u didnt spend a cent
MP8 is nothing on this build. 170k unbuffed DPS is more than fine. MP10 on the other hand...scared to try!

Niiiiiiiceee. Seen you before... super nice Witching Hour!

Cool life, AR, and DPS you're going to have a good time.

@kojin 8.5/10... grab a better nats boots and you would be a solid 9... nice setup
Those gloves are unreal. Upgrade gems.
05/15/2013 12:11 PMPosted by Tranquility
@NoRain Is this a self found character? Lookin good so far 6/10

actually its a product of intrigue and experimentation though admittedly nothing was expensive when I bought it. I actually think I got that weapon for less than 100k gold and some stuff is hand me downs from friends. I also have some gear in my stash that makes me look like less of a noob but I haven't played since November. I'm sure things are different now.

Pretty uberish, not much to criticize really. Nice monk.
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It's been a Manhattan minute hasn't it. Solid as always and what did you end up upgrading. What I can see your still pouring on the DPS with eHP to spare.

9.4/10 bud

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Shenlongs? Who uses those. WKL scrub.


Let's hug it out %#{*€|¥@&!!

See you in game. ;D


Jealous of your attack speed! Lol :p
a lot of room for improvement. Required major overhaul if you wanna play at higher MP.
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@DOE, craft new shoulders 8/10
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