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Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even


mate quite abit of upgrade needed if u wana be a s&b monk. i guess u can start w a better crafted shoulder w AR and a Shield w more vit.


nxt mate dont be too harsh on my monkee, my monk is on hiatus for a month and didnt do any upgrade since. cheerz
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Even after hiatus your still a front runner compared to the rest of the pack! All around solid monk only upgrades would be better rolled items or faster weapons.


I am sorry to tell you this....but your gear is sub-par.
I am surprised that you survive on MP1.

I will be glad to take it off your hands and brimstone it...in return I will give you $1.84


Really...you have done an astounding job with your Shenlong build...It was great running with you in between screaming mini-cap and scowling stink-eyed wife-cap.


edit: oops...I see that you are logged out with the WKL/EF build...always a good thing to try out different stuff
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@Captain Carl

What can I say, everything you've got is top notch. Nice LOH to compensation the lack of LS. I guess you can aim for a trifecta amulet with LOH! Don't we all wish. Nice attack speed btw.



Sorry, i guess you jumped in ahead of me. Anyways, nice gear also. I don't really understand why you're wearing Tyreal's Might though. Nice build anyways. 9/10


lol, I'm working the other way around, trying to bump up dps without giving up too much eHP.
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Very well rounded with lots resist and life. Good build! 9/10

I gave up a lot of resist in place of dmg and I'm figuring out ways to get it back without giving up too much dmg.

Very nice Monk! Impressive all around. I am new to the Monk Class as I have spent most of my time playing and farming with my Barb. So I made my monk with money and gear found farming with my barb. I know there is still room for improvement.
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@Crypter Nice DPS and no EF! However your EHP is somewhat lacking, try to get more Vit/Armor on your gear and you should be set.

solid old school monk, overall top gear probably you're rare ring could see an upgrade swapping a bit of vit for more dps.

dont see why u using serenity?, except for dealing with kulle and siege.
@LegitBeastin - Solid Skorn monk! I give it an 8.5/10.

@Sanosuke - Another solid monk. 8.5/10.

solid old school monk, overall top gear probably you're rare ring could see an upgrade swapping a bit of vit for more dps.

dont see why u using serenity?, except for dealing with kulle and siege.


Old habits I guess by using Serenity. I still find myself stuck in situations running higher MP levels where I'm about to die (plagued, desecration, etc...) and I like to have that immunity for a few seconds to get out of trouble.

I was going to mention your low life, but its by choice since you could pop in a gem to your helm if it was ever really an issue. Beautiful Skorn for your mix of tempest to plow through white and then bells to rock packs and bosses. Solid Inna's helm with spirit regen really compliment the spirit regen skills you use.

I think you should probably try for a new pair of gloves to push you over the 200k mark (i think like 30 yards is the entire screen so you could probably sacrifice the 6 yards of pickup for crit damage and not notice a difference at all in what you pick up), the 45 yard pickup radius is crazy, i have a tough time getting 5 yards onto one piece... i think if they had a diabloprogress stat that shows the most pickup radius you may be listed as #1 lol

Overall i give you an 8.5 for the interesting pick up radius build
@ Artimen

Decent SnB monk I wish I could craft a bracer like yours :)
I'm not 100% sure I like your main hand choice but it does have pretty good dps
I think you could find a different amy with the right type of resist or none at all and sell that one
I also think you could find a better shield if you look hard enough

overall I'd say 6/10 mostly because your vit seems low to me for a SnB
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Work in progress but your full DPS potential is not seen on your stat sheet due to WKL & SOJ. Few more crafts and a pickup or 2 will put you over 100K DPS with WKL & SOJ.

@ !@#$%^-*!@er

Nice balanced monk~ really like the sword.

Pity u had to drop a weapon to get ur ehp to 560k. Otherwise ur dps could well be over the 200k.

Try getting ur AR up a bit. 500 is a tad low and maybe then u can get back that offhand weapon. :)

I'm looking for a sword of that stats too to replace my sword. Keeping le EF because I love herding!!
@ cpt Carl I can't rate u. I just need to learn from u :)
@fatality - decent stuff, maybe time to move away from fire res to all res... ill rate you a 7/10! :p
@ Tarzan

Pls see my dh. :) she stole it from my monk.
very nice monk, and I don't see any major upgrades. I'm sure if you get a couple of bil buy better weps and upgrade your inna's.
@ Wolfenheart

Very nice trifect nats ring, even if you have to sacrifice some EHP for it. Top notch Witching Hour as well.

What I'd do if i had that gear is get a VW with life % on it and maybe some vit on pieces that have redundant rolls (amulet).

Your EDPS probably !@#$s on mine though, so yeah.


I quit when 1.07 came out, only just came back to the game this week :S
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Impressed OWE free and Armor.

I think you are happy on IR combo. So your ammy and OH weapon are mainly to be upgraded gears. Try to craft ammy and get high dmg OH weapon. (8/10)
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