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Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even

05/04/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Th1nkTw1cE
Rate meeee, self found/trade monk.

for a self found monk its really nice 9/10

DA ! What can I say ? Great Monk. Rate 9 1/2 / 10

Your made it over 300dps. Congratz!!! But your vit is a bit low. (9/10)


Nice armor and OWE free. I think your chest can be upgraded. (8/10)
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Elite build, you could craft better gloves and bracers but who knows how many more tries it will take.

nice balance build. u might nid a cc nat ring for more cc and craft a better amulet

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very nice gear shakyspeare. 9.5/10 with some nice crafts in there. Not seeing any obvious places to upgrade that won't be really expensive.
Nice build Sheldor. You could lose the shield and dual wield to increase your Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Dex, equip Seize the Initiative to increase your armor to 50% of your Dex, and socket the new wep with a marquise emerald to increase the Crit even more. Overall, nice.

Could probably craft a better piece in your shoulder slot. would recommend lookin for more Crit Change to have cyclones work more effectively.

Overall though, good DPS, AR (with OWE), and decent life (much better than my life)

lets go with a 8.5/10

nice monk at early midstage, but ur vitality is way too low..
try crafting some bracers.
atm u can skip the soj, imo when u hit higher dps, then using the soj will be better off.
n also try upgrading those gems..

7.5/10 due to that low vitality... as u progress further ur monk will be better..
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Above the norm on all counts. DPS, Life, AR, there is nothing short of that your monk can't accomplish within the confines of the game. Only thing left is to break 300k DPS while maintaining your status quo but I am quite certain that it is unnecessary.

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@Capt nice build.

I need some advice on my monk. I have an approximate budget of 100mil and am not sure the best way to spend it at this point. I want to keep WKL for the hidden bonus and I'd like to keep my skills the same.

long way to go man! with 100M you can get better weapons or a helm... id say start crafting BOA items first then try to adjust the stats you are lacking... once your satisfied, time to upgrade those gems and aim for a higher goal! GL! 4.5/10

whoaaa nice stats! I come here often too check out people but haven't seen you.
Love your rings


you have not enough minerals, build more supply depots, and spawn more overlords!!

Needs more popcorn......maybe some cookies?
Pretty solid. I guess I would just recommend trying to stack more of the resist of your choice for OWE. They kind of look all over the place.
Great ehp and great dps esp for SnB phantom.

very nice gear. one day i would like to be able to drop owe as well.


Nice gear, you should get more ehp with a vit inna pants.
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