Diablo® III

Rate The Monk Above You. Version I Don't Even


Very impressive stats and gear. 9/10

wow man amazing stuff, cant really see anything that you would need improving, only thing, and its really only small, mybe get some attack speed on your ammy aswell


Is this pvp gear? I see an amethyst in your weapon.
9/10 @iamlegend

Solid build.

I wanted to be different with my build. Let me know what you guys think, I know I need a Black weapon to benefit from this build.
@Th1ink, your resistances are way too low to do away with OWE. In fact your ehp in general needs work. If you want to make the most of a "black" weapon get yourself some Zuni boots and a good rare ring. 5/10


Solid S&B monk. Not much need to change. But I think you may try to craft a ammy, (8.5/10)
lolwtf, !@#$%^-*!@er
@ManUnited , seeing as how LorRaahl does not have a monk

9.5 Nice! Doesen't EF annoy you sometimes?
@gandyman soild res!
just keep upping that dps your on the right track!
@Acidfox You have solid equipment and I bet once everything gets ramped up on your combo strike build you are doing some pretty nice damage 10/10
@Phoenix, need more hit points, need more resistance. Armor not bad. If you're going to wear an SoJ, I'd look for one with cold damage and higher damage vs elites. 6/10

@ManUnited, I crafted an amulet (not great, not bad). It improved my dps but my resistance suffered a bit.

LordRaahl = CountFury

He is well known on this forum.....well known.

1 of the top s&b monk, hc monk is equally impressive. maybe can cont improve ur crafts.


you have not enough minerals, build more supply depots, and spawn more overlords!!

"power overwhelming"

SKIP ME!!! this round, my monk is scrubed down atm.

DO Shakyspeare! not in the bum.
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Shaky, good hit points, but your armor needs work. I also don't think you have enough AR to completely forgo OWE just yet. 8/10.

@!@#$%^-*!@er, always wondered what S&B would look like on a monk...

I frown on cookie cutter, so you lose a point for that. 6.5/10

@Secoya, surely cookie cutter is the standard that everybody else is following. The fact I'm an S&B Monk means I'm not doing what 95% people are doing - exactly opposite to a cookie cutter standard.

Edited by Spearchucker#1994 on 5/6/2013 6:11 PM PDT
^ Just missing an Echoing Fury.
@ secoya

Good solid monk. Nice combo of sickle with ef. Fear them then pull em right back. Jelly of your inna's radiance.
good starter monk. many improvements can be done
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