This isn't really a post to ask for help with how to fix my problem, as I have already done that. I submitted a ticket, with my msinfo and dxdiag text files attached. I also mentioned that I had recently formatted my computer. Well the tech support guy responded almost immediately and told me that I needed to update the drivers for a graphics card that I am no longer using. I thought that was rather odd and I looked through the Dxdiag and msinfo files and noticed that in my haste to get back to gaming my Windows Vista was only on Service Pack 1. I do have some experience troubleshooting computer problems and this was the only reason that I noticed that there was, indeed, a problem. I feel that the tech support guy that read my ticket should have seen that and gone, known instantly what the problem was. However, in his response to me updating windows never came up. I am understanding that these guys answer a lot of questions and have a very limited time to do so, but they really need to utilize the tools that they have to address the problems accurately. I'm sure some of you are going to read this and tell me to !@#$, but seriously there needs to be more attention to detail considering that Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company.