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Need help with pvp DH Windforce build.

I was looking at this thread http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7257095659, and I came very intrigued with the build, I can now clear mp7 using the windforce (I had a hard time with mp4).

I'd really appreciate some help on converting this build over to pvp. What type of skills should I be using to try and take down those nasty EHP babas. I've been in so many stale mates with them. The Windforce kb really knocks them back and with my mobile skills its hard for them to hit me. I just don't have the DPS to put them away! I'm unsure about using spitfire turret since i'm on the move so much.

I know, I know there is probably no chance of me beating a barb, but i'd like to at least give them a challenge? I have a fair amount of gold to spend on gear upgrades so don't hold back!

Thanx in advance for anyone with some input :)
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Turrets are fury generators for barbs.
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I think that's the problem with Windforce. You need high DPS to take down an EHP barb. With Windforce you're losing a lot of crit damage. Since you're mostly running and shooting periodically, DPS from attack speed isn't as helpful. You want a hard hitter like a double-socket Manticore with an enhanced damage modifier, preferably with a marquis ruby and a marquis emerald. Windforce may help keep the barb at bay and help conserve your discipline, but you're not going to have enough DPS to get through their high mitigation and regen.
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There is a wise demon hunter named Revrac who once said "Windforce is bad,bad,bad,bad and anyone who uses it for pvp is a baddy........topic closed."

True story.
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I found a way to break through ehp barbs with rapid fire fire support . Along with the new buff rapid fire is pretty nasty in duels. I do this trick where I use Smoke and mirrors lingering fog when they get close along with preparation battle scars and cycle S&M for as long as I can then use preparation and do it again while the whole time laying into them with rapid fire. I found that this works better then impale grievous wounds with steady aim. archery and sharpshooter together.... and that one shots anyone not ehp built.
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