Diablo® III

GG Barb For Sale,356k Unbuffed, 74k Hp, 527AR


Willing to part with my Barb

Profile :


This barb outgears all current content, soloes MP10 Ubers in less than 6 minutes.

Also for sale :


Willing to sell in pieces. Shoulders and ammy are boa, the rest is not (marquise gems)

All must take place on topic, no PM or ingame FR before posting, thank you.

Mempo ; 2B DaveMD#6624 on Blizz forum
Gloves : 1.2B Leetbeast ingame
Chest : c/o 1.3B Brendonknowsall on JSP
Signet Bounty : no c/o
Conquest Vault : c/o 300m Kanina on JSP
HOTA Soj ; c/o 300m Kanina on JSP
Lacunis : no c/o
Pants : no c/o
Boots : no c/o
Brutal loop : no c/o
Skorn : no c/o
IK belt with vit : no c/o
IK belt w/o vit : no c/o
Cold SOJ : no c/o

EF Sold
WH sold
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Free bump for insane barb!

How much do you carry in mind for the lacunis?
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Thanks for the bump !

In all honesty, I'm yet to check the market for each item. was more expecting to let the market lead this sale but the lack of enthousiasm may simply make me cancel it all =)
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You have a price for Signet Bounty ring?
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I buy mempo 2b

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I buy mempo 2b


c/o, thanks
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2b for EF. NeoLegend#1274 if interested. LMK.
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04/28/2013 05:29 AMPosted by NeoLegend
2b for EF. NeoLegend#1274 if interested. LMK.

c/o, thank you

Will decide tonight whether to continue with the sale or not and will set up bins accordingly if applicable.

Honestly, I have no interest in breaking this barb for a few billions
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So current co's are :

800m on IK chest
300m on offhand
300m on SOJ hota
2.9B Gloves and WH
2.2B EF

ie a grand total of 6.5B or...less than 250 bucks at the current gold rate (37$ per billion)...

I unfortunately don"t have access to the RMAh since I live in Europe but I'm pretty sure just the gloves or EF could sell for that on it.


Thanks a lot to the few of you who tried to show a real interest in it.
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You know RMAH prices are very inflated and not likely to sell easily over the GAH. I was just going to offer 2b for your WH but it looks like you are cancelling. In the US from farmers, gold is selling for $45 per billion. Where are you getting it for $37? FYI, I bought my EF for 2b in the GAH less than two months ago and there two with similar stats with 2b buyouts. It is ok for you to cancel your sale but if it is because you think your items are worth a lot more than is being offered, they are not.
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Not going to advertise botters websites over there but I confirm the 37$ figure

2B is what I bought my EF 2 months ago as well but what was gold at back then ?

Overpricing ? Do you really think a barb with over 350K DPS unbuffed and 1M EHP is worth less than any 6CC Mempo or 1200+ CD OS EF put on the RMAH where they sell instantly ? There's a reason there's none of those on the gold AH =)

Your offer for the WH would have been accepted immediately as it's honest and decent. Can't say the same for most other offers I got =( For example, that WH hadn't got more than 800m offered so far

And at the same time I couldn't find an equivalent Dex EF for my Monk for less than 3.5/4B. What's the point in selling my barb in those conditions ?
Edited by Rahan95#2902 on 4/28/2013 10:38 AM PDT
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You can sell me your EF tho. All my friends recently bought same EF for 2b~2.4b... and I offered reasonably imo.

I added you on bnet. let me know and let's talk. =)
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how much for chest? is there a c/o?
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I saw exactly same EF selling for $110 bux on RMAH.

Even it sell, you get 15% deduction,

If you think $5 per 100mil, that's about 2bil.

I am willing to pay more than that.. since I don't use RMAH.

Sorry for bugging you, but let me know how much you are willing to sell it for, and let's make a deal.

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Eurf ; c/o is 800m

Neo : accepted

We'll start again in a more classic way, editing 1st post
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