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How Can I Improve My Demon Hunter?


I am talking about skilles and armor - everything!
I don't have a lot of money, I want to have higher DPS.

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Budget? Ill seperate this into two things:

A) Your gear: Overall you want to make sure you hit hard on your manticore, or else it defeats the purpose of having a manticore!

1st, get vit on your pants, your hp is too low overall.
2nd. Prowlers are overrated. I would only get prowlers if you don't have inna's temperance or movement speed on your boots. Otherwise I believe its not worth it (unless its godly).
I would recommend getting crafted bracers, or bracers with 130+ dex, vit, 60+ AR, 4+ crit chance (they aren't expensive). You can look at my profile at my bracers, it was my 3rd craft!! But I was lucky.
3rd. I wouldn't worry about getting attack speed on your gloves, its best to get high crit chance/crit damage with decent dex on your gloves instead of what you have atm. The gloves on my DH atm was 15m, which I thought was a good deal.
4th. Your right ring I don't like. I think litany of the undaunted it good or unity. Litany has resist which is really nice to have! The one I'm using on my DH atm was 7m if I recall.
5th. I highly recommend getting resist all on your shoulders. Vile wards work but you may need to give up 40 or so dex.
6th. Your amulet NEEDS both crit damage/crit chance. If you cannot search for a decent one with dex, search open socket, average damage as alternatives.
7th. Nat's Sight is optional for survivbility since you get extra discipline which is nice, but up to you on that one if you think your okay on survibility.

Always check how much your dps/hp goes up before your buy something!

B) Your skillset:

Your skillset seems fine overall tbh, I can see why you use your skillset in some ways. DH is very flexible, I would recommend acrobatics instead of tumble for your vault personally. Keep in mind that your skillset is hatred hungry, if you wish you can replace your sentry with bat companion for extra hatred.

For most DH players, you should look for:

1. Hatred generator
2. A good damaging skill that uses hatred (e.g. spike traps, cluster arrow)
3. Defensive skills (e.g. shadow power, caltrops, etc,)
4. Panic button skill (e.g. vault, smoke screen)
5. An idea why a build should work for them, and able to point out the strengths and weaknesses.

You can look at my build if you wish, but its designed for me. My build's idea : Spam spike traps. It's personal preference :P
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Wow! This is a lot of good tips! I will try follow them all because I agree with everything you said.
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