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What exactly do the devs accomplish in one work week?


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The only realistic answer to this is:

Blizzard has one guy working part time 1 hour a month on diablo 3. This is because they don't earn money from this game anymore.

It doesnt require much more than "A dummies guide to programming" to do things they have done so far. They already have monsters and content. All they have done is change a few notes here and there. I mean I could probably learn to do that !@#$ in a few hours.
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Activision Blizzard is American corporation so they are probably like 20 managers that are having meetings with 1 software engineer. They probably expect him to go to 30 hours of BS meetings weekly. He spends probably 9 hours giving updates to hose 20 managers about what he did in that actual 1 hour of real work he manage to do in the week. Sounds about right for the amount of work that is visibly done.
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Stopped reading there, went to fap, came back, realized this was mostly just a dh is up rant and wasn't going to post 'til I got to this:

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I check Diablofans daily

You should really go to diablo.incgamers instead. They aren't afraid to openly criticize Blizzard, post more interesting articles instead of mostly regurgitating news, and actually update their wiki.

And then finally at the end you had a good point I could get behind:

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Wake up and start attacking the glaring lack of MP10 builds by buffing underused skills and opening up new ways for us to play the game.

I do agree that changes don't come fast enough these days, which makes me wonder just how many programmers they have on the Diablo 3 team and if they really are just mostly focused on an unannounced expansion right now... I really hope it fixes a lot and comes out relatively quickly if that's the case, because not enough is happening right now to fix this game in a timely manner.
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@OP: they put icons on the forums list! How could you not notice this?!
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look at gw2 , tons of content and it keep getting updated within a short time interval, d3 team is so slow becoz they are lazy to make changes
The game is made by a bunch of liberals who don't want to work.
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I'm locking this thread because it's non-constructive.

That lock reason is short, rude, and not very informative. You guys deserve better, and I'm sorry about that. The feedback in this thread is valuable, but can quickly become lost when its wrapped in language that fosters primarily toxic responses. This thread was locked because it quickly devolved into conversations that had little to no bearing on the game.
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