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Copying D3 to new HDD w/o dl-ing all updates

I have a copy of D3 sitting on my old WD Green HDD that is updated to 1.0.6
I would like to copy it to one of my new HDD's to play it (SSD or WD external)
I want to do this so that I only need to download the 1.0.7 (and perhaps 1.0.8) patch
Limited monthly cap, go figure.
How would I do this best? I assume something like this:

Disable internet.
Install D3 from DVD onto SSD or external HDD
Copy entire folder from old HDD to new installation directory
Enable internet.
Finish updating from 1.0.6 to latest version

Can anyone confirm?
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Well, I expected at least one reply in 11 hours.
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Just copy the entire game folder over and start the game and let it patch. You can't play on anything less than the current patch on the servers so it'll end up with the latest version when it's done.
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Yeah but don't I need to install it so that it's in the registry and whatnot?
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I have not tried this myself (yet), but from what players have posted, you don't need to actually "install" it. That said, please report back with your results. I will be trying this myself later in the month and was curious too.
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No need to install it if you have a playable copy you can move over. The game will create any registry entries it needs when it's run. It'll also create the D3Prefs.txt file based on the hardware it finds when it's run so no need to copy that either.
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Whoopie, it works. Tried playing on my 3TB WD Portable HDD and it runs pretty well. Haven't gotten to the busy areas yet (starting a new character with no-ah enforced) so if it gets choppy later, I'll just copy-paste to my SSD.

But the shocking thing: 75MB worth of updates. In 4 months. I know a similar game (which won't be mentioned by name, but it starts with a P and ends with an E) that has had over 2000MB worth of updates in the last 4 months.

Either the devs are cooking up a really hot new expansion or D3 is a bit... dead. I just wish for more randomization. I played about 2 hours of TL2 and it seemed extremely open ended. They could make D3 so much better if they did something similar.

Edit: just to confirm, I copied the 1.0.6 folder without installing and launching it immediately updated it from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 (latest) and then I could play. Couldn't be simpler.
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Thanks for the update and confirmation that it works! Like you, I also use the no AH rule on all my chars and have since launch :) Happy Hunting!
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I just copied and pasted my D3 folder to my external HD then do the same to my other PC's or laptop without requiring a patch to proceed.

If your copying the 1.06 patched version, you should really only have to update the other 2 (or so)
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