Diablo® III

Walking away Gear and 10m Gold Give-Away

I'm giving the Witch Doctor on my profile, "Puri" away along with 10m SC gold. No strings attached, I'm just done...

The only eligibility requirement is to have a Paragon Level 0-10 Witch Doctor on your profile. I want to help somebody instead of further enriching the 1%

Post a reply if you are interested. I'll use an RNG and pick the reply number as the winner at 9:00 PM PST Friday, May 3rd
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Hey man, I'm just starting Hell difficulty with my WD and would be thrilled to get a nice set of gear for him!
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yo im level 9 paragon, just came back after 9 months off. much love
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nice helm
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Yo man, I am begging to lvl my WD (last class remaining to get all at 60). My WD, Storm, is on lvl 47 and I woul be really happy to use ur awesome set.
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hmm not entering the monk one but I'll enter this WD one XD
it's very nice and ty for your consideration

MY WD http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/QHTran-1403/hero/22163175
Yes I have a lot of HP =)
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This is quite nice of you. Glad you're restricting it to lower paragon levels.

That's all I have to say. :)
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Sure man thanks. Congrats in advance to the winner. :)
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i would like to have these items to help my wd out.
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I would certainly love to have some cash and a few nice items!
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I'm going to get back into the game after stopping a while back. Could really use a jump start! I'm paragon 0 I guess since I haven't even logged in since the system was released, haha.
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My WD is paragon 1 and would appreciate these items. If I get them I will put the gear it replaces back into the community. Cheers
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Im Paragon 6 WD , would love any gear to improve my WD and happy to onforward what i dont need to someone else to share the love
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I would love to get in on this, just hit paragon lv 1 today after taking a bunch of time off for school.
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yo pick me up! iam so poor and deserve the 10m
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Posts: 3
Nice set. Much love to Docs, the most misunderstood class in D3. Mine is paragon 6. I have had a hell of a time gearing mine (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SheIsMe-1917/hero/12522313) and if I don't win, I plan on copying your spec in tribute. :)

How's that for shameless brown-nosing?
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pick me pick me! I know my paragon level is over 10 but look at my items and stats... They're not that good (esp. my weapon). I play the game a lot (hence the kinda high level) but don't really use the AH. As a result, I kept leveling but no gear lol.
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I just started playing again after several months away. Paragon level 0 :P
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I'd had a heck of a time gearing my toon, this is the only toon that I play (love the WD) but it's so hard getting drops, it seems like everything I get that is worth while is for other classes =(
I'd be soooo stoked if you picked me !
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i really like what your doing for the community and i would be willing to donate a few nice wd prizes as well. a maras kaliedascope with decent stats + locust swarm 9%, 2 sojs', one plague of toads one locust swarm, both 29%, if u wanna use rng a few more numbers that fill ur requirements., u can add me in game and ill give em to u to pass out. xievious#1157
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