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Great idea! Check it out! :)

The idea came up to me while i was talking to a friend. Have you had issues with gold spammers? or have they been spamming your friend list?.Here is how i suggest that those gold spammers stop anoying you. I know is easier said than done, but taking the first step of a simple idea can make a huge difference.

I have notice that most diablo players as wow players only create a single account during the whole time that they have played the game. This players rarely have to make another account unless they have a friend or family members ,who wants to join. You must be asking yourself. Where is all this going? simple, if blizzard can limit the amount of accounts that can be created per IP Adress to a certain number, gold spammers wont be able to contantly create accounts spamming players that dont want to hear from them after being banned. so even if this spammers go to a different computers in a single room they wont be able to spam from that same ip unless they go to a different location with a different IP adress.

What if they do move to a different location?

It would make sence, there will still be limited to a certain amount.

What if a player who is not a gold spammer decides to make different accounts from the same ip adress ?

i would guess that they wount have a problem as longer no suspective activity or banable offence is made.

This is what i have for now guys.
Good luck
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Couldn't they just use proxy servers? Blizzard can't just limit accounts connecting through proxy servers as people use them for legitimate purposes. I don't know what they are as I've never used them for anything legitimate (I unlock some steam games early) but I'm sure they're out there.

Fact of the matter is that Blizzard could hamper gold sellers if they cared enough to. But they don't, likely because it's not cost effective for them to do so. Besides, at the end of the day this is a player created and player driven problem. Players keep those people in business. If players stopped using their services, they would go out of business or at least enough of them would that it wouldn't be as much of an issue.
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Dynamic IP address is what I am using, and it changes every time I reconnect.
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Dynamic IP address is what I am using, and it changes every time I reconnect.

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It would make sence
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FIrst thank you for your anwers. I would like to remind that if this continues people will end up leaving the game anyways, because; isues that dont get fix gets old. I came from several beta games, so take it from me . i know what is like and i agree that blizard could have something to do with the issue, and mainly because of convenience, but it does gets old after a while. People will end up moving to a different game, although that if we look for a solution maybe my gaming experience ,and the experience of other players can change as well.

I know that is easy said than done, but maybe solution can make a difference.Im not saying that this issue will change your gaming experience completly, but it does anyoing.
Good luck
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04/26/2013 07:31 PMPosted by Destroyer
People will end up moving to a different game, although that if we look for a solution maybe my gaming experience ,and the experience of other players can change as well.

Honestly, there are other things Blizzard could focus on that would do more to keep more people playing.

The best thing Blizzard could do to curb gold sellers at this point is to remove the cap on prices and number of items sold (or at least make it much higher than it is now) as well as minimum prices for items. If there is not much benefit to going to 3rd party websites, buyers are more likely to stick to Blizzard's services since it's more secure. Seller's might be pissed they have to give up a portion of their precious profits but with less people using unsecure 3rd party sites they'll either have to move their business to Blizzard's service to make do with less of a market. Plus I don't give a !@#$ about 3rd party sellers.

Since most transactions are happening on Blizzards services, they could monitor transactions much easier and identify problem accounts.
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@ ringo

i have to remind you also that the reazon why gold seller still here and doing what they doing is because there is always someone that buy their service, but thats even thoough that the issue is being created by the own gamers, perhaps is good that a solution to the problem is made. Not everyone is really willing to buy gold, so why spamming their chat or friend list? it has gotten to the point that they reraly do it in trade chat anymore, and if they actually could find a way to fix that thats fantastic. :)
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