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Interesting, as I sit waiting for Blizz to...

Interesting, as I sit waiting for Blizz to play my D3 account, the only forum I can post in is this one. How sad it is that anyone in my shoes gets forced upon those persons and mods that participate on this forum, instead of permitting those like myself to post on more appropriate listings like say...a support one.

I am sorry, but I do feel the need to vent, regaurdless...My appologies in advance. <comforting hug>

Im a long time member of the online comunity, 12+ years, Married a fellow gamer, supported many newbies to the world on online life...all sunny skies.

Clouds move in...Ive played for over 12 years, been through the patch ringer, you know the one...we work so hard to create the best online tool, to have it broken by the nerf-hammer....I quit playing the chain-gang...no more online gaming for me. No sir, Im done, Im kicking the monthly's off the CC nipple.

Or, so I thought, because guess what, the game my Husband has been waiting for "OMG, Foreverrrr!", is attached to an online itee...non-subscription, but still an online chain....D3! Grrrr

One of my responsibilities here at home on top of everything else is to maintain our toys (PCs). Husbands GPU dies, guess whose out a PC until her Husband's is fixed/replaced? Yep. And I do have real work to do on my PC, but not when hes home, otherwise I have this walking hostile cloud walking around making me misreable.

So I share my PC while troublshooting His, but hes unwilling to spend $$, so I sit w/o my Work comp for 2 weeks, until he finally relents. Bam! New GPU, I spend 4 hours making it pretty, but want to make sure all is set right, so I log onto D3 using my account info. Nrrt! Locked out. No biggie, just do what we had to do with his on mine, understandable. Nrrt again. Huh? Lockedout still? or again? go through it again, reset then revert my PW (cause I REALLY REALLY liked that one). NRT NRT NRT. Eek! Now I seem to be perma locked out. Trust me, I was not as calm as I may sound at the time. Security is my Biz, but playing this Game of: locked out/reset/reset to my prefered PW, Nrt/Nrt/nrt...oh I answered the questions right, gave my 6 digits, NRRTTTT...I am beyond totally P!ZZed, I left the teet to get away from this crap, and now Im being forced to deal with this crap on a nonsubscription game that I REALLY WOULD HAVE PREFERED it to be a home game, non-conecected (perhaps private LANed, but never online again).

All I really really wanted to do today was finish troubleshooting His PC so I could have mine back, because he does things to PCs, and thats my "Workhorse"....

My main Issue; well other then the teet thing?


Blizz already has the specs from the data share for setup of this PC, soo, how am I being hacked in my own house?

Seriously, if their system is going to be soo sensitive to detect this minor hiccup, how about following through and setting it up right, so this stupidly simple issue doesnt red flag your set-up.

Ok, I feel a teenie bit better, I still want to wring someones neck, but now I have to go find some demanding game to test this GPU, so he can have his toy back, and I can play a run then get back to work....<sigh> lost a whole day for this crap....not impressed.

Be safe & sane!
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90 Pandaren Warrior
I can only post in this forum too. Kind of stupid...
Edited by Sogreth#1251 on 5/25/2013 1:24 PM PDT
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yeah me too, wtf is a community API anyway?
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