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maximus vs immortal enchantress

which is better for me a wwbarb doing mp10?
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If you rely on the IAS boost from the enchantress, whichever build keeps her alive longer will be the one you want to use, which turns out to be the immortal build.

At around mp3-5, both builds keep the enchantress alive about the same. At mp0-2, the maximus does more straightup flat dmg.

It is the wedding band that makes the scaling at lower MPs favor the maximus.
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I thought maximus should be good enough weapon to provide enough survivability. Maximus can roll stats up to ~500, should be good enough to bolster their survival a lot, or am I missing something here?
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immortal enchantress build isn't just about the weapon, it is also the rings and ammy you will need.

What does the max stat have to do with it, since the build is suppose to be cheap enough for anyone. A maximus with a 500 int for a stat would cost you close to 50 million or more, making that build only good for only a few people.

The average maximus has around 300 int for a stat and only cost around 1-2 million, give or take what else you want on it. It is mostly the demon doing a lot of the damage for you and the firechain.

Thinking of the build only in terms of just the weapon alone is usually done by those that only do mp0 or mp1 at the most and see it as good enough. Anything above mp5 requires your follower to be able to tank and survive, by then you would have to most definitely think about what other things you would need to keep the follower alive. In this case this is what the discussion here is about. Surviving MP10.

In most cases the enchatress with the maximus is usually standind far away from the mobs while the demon meat shields. This is only optimal when you use a character that doesn't move a lot. With a WW barb your going to be continually moving, making the maximus in a lot of the cases not useful. At mp10, mobs are not going to die right away as they do on something like mp1 alk run. Your enchantress is going to be running through mobs a lot more often at mp10, one of the passives of the immortal build is the weapon proc to protect the enchantress, something you will want.


The other thing is the life drain on wedding band, it has a limited range. This requires the follower to be very close to mobs for this to be effective. Passing though mobs with a maximus and the wedding band means you don't have the protection needed, leaving your enchantress open to being taken out for a while.

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