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You must have found something AWESOME to get gear like that with 1600 elite kills. So you must have been VERY VERY VERY lucky, or you bought your gear like alot of other people on here....

Just curious what was the godly item you found to sell for all your gear?
Says the Barb paragon 8.....Bad trolling, is bad!
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You sound jealous.
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maybe op wants a cookie for his 1600 elite kills? or a pat on the back for his sub 50k dps?

i want to duel u i would like to see these so called skills of urs >:)
Funny how most of these thrash talking post`s always come from noobies hehe
05/01/2013 02:49 AMPosted by Edwarrior
LOL.. i dont think or know anyone who claimed they're pro.. even my masters ( those who taught me how to play efficiently ) are all so humble... respect begets respect

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Some players enjoy playing self-found characters. Some players enjoy buying and selling items on the auction house. And some like a mixture of both. Different players have different play styles and preferences. It's what makes this community so diverse.

Even if you disagree with how another person approaches the game or what they find fun, so long as what that individual is doing doesn't impede on your passion or progress, then there's really no need to antagonize them or be disrespectful (at least not in these forums).

Anyway, locking this one up since it seems like nothing more than shouting match at this point. I also wouldn't recommend recreating the topic. If you want to discuss the game, cool. If you want to insult or berate other players, please find another avenue.

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