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SS Breathe Deep/Special Recipe re-do needed

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The two runes for Smoke Screen "Breathe Deep" and "Special Recipe" are, in my opinion a bit useless, and do the exact same thing.

How are they the same? "Breathe Deep" gives 12 discipline each second, SS lasts 1 second, effectively giving 12 discipline. Since the cost of SS is 14, and you get 12 back, you could say "Breathe Deep: Reduce the cost to 2 Discipline." which is what "Special Recipe" (Reduce cost to 12 discipline) does but better.

Why are they useless? "Breathe Deep" might not be so useless, considering at the cost of 2 discipline you can spam SS. On the other hand... "Special Recipe" does the same thing but worse, making it useless/obsolete.

:/ Are those runes even considered to be re-done? At the very least the "Special Recipe"?

Though... quite honestly, if I had to use SS, I would take Lingering Fog for it's extended duration or Displacement so I can gtfo of those sticky situations.
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Breath Deep give 12 HATRED, not Discipline.

Still kinda useless if you ask me.
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They were relics of when SS lasted longer than the one second, and just weren't retuned.
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Here are my suggestions on the Smokescreen runes:

Displacement: extend the movement bonus for 2 seconds. The 1 second duration makes the bonus almost non-existent and furthermore, Smokescreen has an innate 15% bonus movement speed, so this change would make the user gain 50% movement speed for the first second, and then 35% for the last second. This would be a nice alternative to Tactical Advantage for some players.

Lingering Fog: no changes. This seems to be a very good skill overall, and it does leave the user open to attack for 0.5 seconds between casts, so it is not totally overpowered.

Breathe Deep: change the amount to 30 hatred and restore it instantly. This change would enable Smokescreen to act as a small version of Preparation - Punishment which could be attractive as an option since we have hatred problems generally.

Special Recipe: change to 8 cost. This is to be on par with lingering fog where a player pays 14 discipline for 1.5 seconds of invulnerability. Thus 1 second of invulnerability should cost 9.33 but there is now a 1 second window between casts instead of 0.5 seconds.

Choking Gas: extend radius to be at least 12 yards (currently it is about 5 yards). Also, change the mechanics so that enemies who are hit with the poison take damage even if they leave the area (function similar to Rend). Another option would be to change the cloud so it follows the player similar to Vault - Trail of Cinders.
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Posts: 83
Breath Deep give 12 HATRED, not Discipline.

Still kinda useless if you ask me.

I think that makes it even worse... :P never used it and read it wrong.

Mostly agree with Iria there, though Choking Gas should be like you suggested similar to Trails of Cinders... Maybe make the gas effect last 2-3 seconds and follow the DH.
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