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dh pvp

what skill u dh use for pvp?
my dh is kinda ready? just trying out some skills, any tips?
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A typical DH build for PvP is:

Hungering Arrow or Evasive Fire
Impale (Chemical Burn or Impact)
Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog)
Preparation (Battle Scars)
Vault (Tumble) or Fan of Knives (Hail of Knives) or Spike Trap (Sticky Trap)
Companion (Boar or Bat) or Marked for Death (Mortal Enemy) or Sentry (Aid Station)

Perfectionist, Thrill of the Hunt, or Steady Aim
Tactical Advantage

Skill notes:

Evasive (Covering Fire) - Useful against opponents with pets such as WD with dogs, Wiz with mirror images, DH with Boar, and Monk with mystic ally.

Impale - Use Chemical Burn if the opponent has a shield or high dex, because the DoT damage cannot be blocked or dodged. Impact is only useful if they can't reliably block or dodge. Overpenetration may be useful against opponents with several pets.

Smoke Screen - A must for surprise attacks, to temporarily halt DoT effects, and to escape CC effects.

Vault - Useful against barbs.

Fan of Knives and Sticky Trap - Useful against opponents with many pets like WD and Wiz.

Companion - Boar is useful as a meat shield against WD Haunt and Wiz Storm Armor. Against barbs consider Bat or Marked for Death instead, since the Boar dies quickly to Rend and just gives the barb a way to gain fury.

Marked for Death - Useful against high EHP barbs, because you're going to need all the DPS you can get to overcome their high damage reduction and regeneration.
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Here are some other helpful resources:

The PVP section in Oscar's Common DH Builds Guide:

MysticaL's brawling videos:
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sentry gun with missile actually does a hell lot of damage... so consider that with ballistics
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thx guys for the advice, I am having fun pvp with dh, mystical micro in pvp is really good
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