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Just droping this


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And you though that zombie dog exploit was something ;)

P.S. Not mine accounts obviously.
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Someone tell me there is something wrong with my eyes and not the video.....

So 4 players that do that WD bug to get EXP and now with a Bar you can get item too?! This is really game break.....no serious guys this is really game-break I really hope that Blizzard fix this fast.

Still I lol'd a little inside :D
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Nah this is just golden...so Blizzard should i close the door behind me or you will do that...

For the to lazy to watch, you can farm not only xp but items too if you have a barb, legs drop too horay :D
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And to think, after about four months of not playing I was considering picking up Diablo 3 again.

...I think I'll pass.
working as intended
wd and barb ... nice :)
is that threatening shout dropping the items?
Yup .... holy snap
I couldn't help, but laugh.
iiAm Jealous.
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Thats awesome

Nerf barbs Blizz
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blizzard fails again!

This is a big boo boo in a game that revolves around real $$$, hmm?
lmao, oh my
HAHAHAHA! Oh maaaaannnnn. I'm sorry but I just had to laugh. This...hahaha...oh, wow. I don't know whether to be outraged or just thoroughly amused. Well, they're going to have to handle this quickly, or the economy is going to tank even worse than it already is.

I really enjoy this game at times, but...wow.
The hot-fix is on the way, account penalty's to follow.
04/26/2013 04:04 PMPosted by Toad
The hot-fix is on the way, account penalty's to follow.

Hot fix on the way - account penalties extremely unlikely.
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