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Want to get DH to next level 2.5-3.5B budget

I'm looking to take my gears to the next level on my SC DH and have a solid budget after making a ton of HC gold and converting. Got 2B and will have another 1-1.5B in next few days. I'd like to run Calamity and while I'm looking into upping dps a lot I would like to try and maintain as much of my mitigation and only sacrifice a little. Thinking some places to upgrade would be a Mempho with 9% AS and 4.5 Crit, some type of new chest either a higher stat Nats or Innas, I'm also looking at potentially dropping the discipline from quiver and going with a close to 300 dex/vit one as well. Anyone have any other suggestions? I'd really appreciate it as I usually help with gearing other people but would like some outside perspective for mine as well.
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Chris, you need to get rid of all that +discipline gear. Honestly, 30 disc is all thats required for MP10, there is no need to sacrifice DPS or Protection. Especially since you are using Nightstalker with a Calamity anyways, your disc regen will be just fine. What I would suggest is to find a really nice Spike Trap SOJ first which will give u eDPS as well as 10 disc (unless you already have one) then focus on getting a better Nat's Chest and DML. For Nat's Chest focus on 140dex, 200vit, 12% life and 10+% Spike Trap damage. For DML, search for 280/250, 19/9.5, 10% Bola or Hunger depending on what skill you prefer. After that, you can do yourself a huge favour by simply crafting a set of shoulders and bracers which will potentially give you a TON more DPS while maintaining eHP. Give it a try! Nice DH :)
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Funny I was just about to write up this same thread. I feel like the next step I need to take needs a little guidance. I have accumilated 100mil gold and about 70$ on rmah. Was wondering what to do with it. Sorry to hijak your thread but looks like we are just about in the same spot. Nice dh both of ya, good to see some are still alive out there.
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Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I just recently made the switch from a Manticore amd jad the discipline gear as I didn't use Nighstalker. I made the switch to Calamity and love it. Okay so its good to hear that my instincts were good. I actually just grabbed a nice SOJ as well and will fit that in too. Thanks guys. Sorry it's like 4:45 a.m. so ill look at your gears after work lol. ;)
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With that kind of budget, the sky's the limit! My current set up cost me 1.8 b.

Agree on changing the chest to an inna's. dml and boots could have higher dex too. Also may wanna upgrade the mempo to one with cc and IAS since it will be gd to use across ur monk and dh characters.
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Well I've made a couple big purchases so far and still putting more gold together amd farming DE to craft others. Got a 9AS/4.5 CC Mempho (lost 8AR for 14k dps increase) and dropped the DML Discipline for a nice 13k dps increase and 5.5k more hp. Simce switching to Calamity a month or so ago I knew I wouldn't miss the discipline gear stats much and I'm actually not needing preparation or perfectionist passive at MP5 and able to run bat for more hatred regen. On higher mps I may need to swap out passives and/or bat for prep. I'm liking the increases so far amd plan to most once I get some more pieces and gather a nice chunk of DE to craft with. Thanks!
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