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§ ShockNadoShards(SNS), CM/WW build [guide]P3

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I would think that in HC you would be wanting to have more VIT and mitigation in general...before focusing on DPS.

I'd probably suggest BT pants that have 60+AR and 200+VIT. Not sure what the market is like in hardcore, honestly...but in softcore those are pretty readily available.

I'd also like to see VIT on the boots. Since they can only go to 100 INT they're kind of a wast for DPS reasons...might as well stack some VIT there...like 50 or so. Price shouldn't be too bad.

I would also think that being at the 2.73 breakpont would be adventageous. You'd need a trifecta ammy to do that. And its gonna have to be an 8 IAS one...and that not gonna be cheap with high CC and CD. If you get a faster chant will you might only need 6 or 7. So look for that as you're also chant Will shopping.

SHoulders should be cheap too....low 200's with int, but 90+VIT. and some STR as well. usually very cheap.

WH....definitely some AR there...lacunis too.

I think my first three things would be AR/VIT BT pants, INT/VIT Nat Boots, AR/VIT WH.

The biggest thing with low paragon wizards is low INT and low VIT. The paragon levels really help with life. As you paragon up and start stacking VIT then you can lesson your dependence on gear...like your Force. And as you start stacking life (from paragons and gear) then you can start to back off on AR (since INT = AR).
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Makes sense, thanks. Congratulations on MVP rank by the way :)

I'll report back with some changes, then you can let me know how I did? Also, it seems everything is just generally more expensive in hardcore, for obvious reasons.
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Hey piehole congrats on MVP.
Would like to have a suggestion of upgrades. Your help last time really help me a lot from 80k dmg now i have 190k dmg :)
Can you help me see what do i need to upgrade for more dmg? i have only 100m... so far i see the next upgrade would cost me at least 500m or is that normal ?

now next question is i have a set up for @2.73 & @2.51 aps but the dmg diff is only 10k is it worth for the drop of aps? as my ping is high 200ms the freeze doesn't really seems much diff to me...

@2.73 http://d3up.com/b/979735
@2.51 http://d3up.com/b/979744

as for the chantodo force should i change it for the vit for extra health, but will lose mitt since the lose of str & dex.

WOW impressive, green writing?

congrats on the promotion. it is well deserved.

I do not look so often at this thread nowadays since I levelled to 100 some time ago.

for all out there reading pie's thread....

fabulous, without this guy I would have given up on the wiz very early, but with him I got real good and thoroughly enjoyed playing. I still return to my wiz for fun every now and again.

catch ya soon

bump for pie awareness since he is back in the forum. Still looking for advice hehe
grats on the baby :)
I must thank PieHole for this fantastic CM build guide, as it has enabled my wife and I to get to Act 2 last monster boss on MP10. Killing the last boss on Act 2 is impossible thus far for us. We skipped the last boss on MP10 and are currently doing Act 3.

Following this guide, she has bought gear, and gotten her attack speed to 3.04, with DPS currently at 115K. Res and armour are near where they should be, Critical hit chance is at 56%,

she freezes, I bombardment rapid fire, an excellent combo.

I think DPS is kind of low, but she can't live without the fast attack speed. These last steps to increase DPS have gotten very expensive, but something to aim for.

Thanks again PieHole.
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Dragonfly29's better half.

Thanks PieHole
Dragonfly29's better half.

Thanks PieHole

nice to see players that can actually read and follow guides. great work on that wiz!
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You're welcome Dragonfly29!! Though it looks like your better half has the gear, lol.

I really loved doing the SIX 9's with a 1.78 wand for 2.73. It allowed me to have some really nice crafted bracers. I never rolled a super nice ammy though.....but if you just rolled one with CD/CC and avg dam or AR or whatever that would do you REALLY well.

I usually stayed at 2.73 though for more DPS, but like being able to swap in lacunis and a trifecta ammy to get to 3.01 for ubers. It was a very versatile setup.

Keep it up!!
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Hey, love the guide btw, it's bringing me back to the game since I've always wanted to play a cmww after being a balerinabarb for so long (it's just TOO efficient solo farming). I'm currently sitting on 171.3kdps, 2.78aps, 48.5%cc, 287%cd, 3769armor, 39.9khp, and ~650ar. I guess all I'm wondering is what areas are good for us to farm (I'm used to just doing FoM over and over farming white mobs)? And how much mp do you think I can push (hoping to be able to do mp10 comfortably)? I also wanna know what gear I can replace to push it to 200k. I've gone down the path of the ias will and the 2.73bp, don't think I'll be hitting the next bp anytime soon. My armory is:


Any critique on the gear/build is appreciated.
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If you can increase you CC a little, and get more AR, you should be able to do MP10. Your current gear may make you a little weak in MP10.
08/28/2013 10:04 PMPosted by Enremeit
If you can increase you CC a little, and get more AR, you should be able to do MP10. Your current gear may make you a little weak in MP10.

Alright thanks!
§... inspired by Jaetch?
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08/29/2013 12:04 AMPosted by MrDuMa
§... inspired by Jaetch?

Lol, yeah. Have to keep up with the Jones's! Guided needed some bling.

Cut and paste from Windows character map is all it is, lol.
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08/28/2013 10:00 PMPosted by timoseewho
Any critique on the gear/build is appreciated.

I'd port your toon into d3up. Oh, what the heck...here it is: d3up.com/b/541927/wuzard

-- ugh, it won't let me update you to current paragon.

OK, so: davidis.me/post/24090618074/diablo-3-damage-resistance-calculator

Gives your %mit at 84.7. Not great...I would like to see you at 86-87% for your DPS level and playing, what, MP6 or 7? (efficiently).

For MP10, You really ought to be at 88% mit with a Litany ring...or even 89% with a Litany to be really tanky and solid. If you're playing with a well geared group, then don't worry about your DPS....just be a good freezer and use the proper group buffs. MP10, comfortably, solo? You're talking 250K DPS with 88 or 89% mit. That's a long way off.

There's nothing too wrong with most of your gear choices...you're definitely on the right track. Your CC will always be a little low, until you get a triPox (gulp!). So you really need to push CC on all of your items as high as you can.

I'd also get:
BTJM with 70+ AR and 200+ VIT...those are very affordable (less than 100M).
Chant force with 9.5 or 10CC would be nice
Storm Crow with 5.5 or 6CC. Don't worry about the lightning or elite damage. But try to get 450+ LoH and 10 APOC...that's well under 100M.
Gloves with more INT and AR instead of Armor.
Your ammy seems pretty weak. stick to 9/90 or 9.5/85. Keep as much INT as you can but add AR or min/max.
I'd probably even drop some of the VIT on your chest in order to start adding in AR instead of Armor. if you get an 800 Armor chest, that's worth about 50 AR (though it depends on your own specific toon, so check yourself)...and you're less than that....so, yours is worth maybe 40 AR...so, shoot for 50 or 60 AR to make progress. Or 800 Armor.
Pretty sure you can also push VIT on shoulders up alot closer to 100 for cheap.

Tha's all I got for you now. you have all the right gear...its just a matter of incrementally increaseing all the stats on them...or shuffling them around a bit. Paragon leveling will be huge because it lessens your dependence on VIT. Also, as you start to add INT (both through paragons and items) that will lessen your dependence on AR.

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CM/SNS Wizard Guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771
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Thanks a ton, will work on it. Do %elemental damage just not matter? Just because of the nature of the spec, what areas do you recommend farming?
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Hey guys,

Just levelled a new wiz to 60, and want to give CM a shot (allways played archon).

In my profile you can see my wiz, where's I've put some CM items on allready.
The problem is I need to gain more APS, LOH, ALL RES and ARMOR.
I'm looking @ other amulet with LOH but those are hard to find.

Can somebody advice me what to do? I want to run MP10 easily :)

Bump because this thread needs to stay on the first page.

I presume you're upgrading your p13 SC Wizard "UberMystara" and not your hardcore ones?

If you are going with a CM/WW build, you are absolutely correct in that you lack APS. You are currently at 2.177 APS. You want to reach at least 2.51 or 2.73 APS. You want a high APS weapon to begin with so the best effective choice is Chantodo's Will. Base APS is 1.61 - 1.65 APS and comes with a random roll. You can choose IAS to make gearing to hit break points a little more lenient, of you can go OS for higher DPS. The other option is an IAS dagger but they're heaps expensive (if you wanna hit the 2.73 breakpoint).

If you decide to go with Chantodo's Will, the obvious choice for the off hand is Chantodo's Force. Comes with IAS and a set bonus of 130 Int and 7% DR from elites.

Your current CC is fine but you might need to sacrifice some of your CD for IAS. That means all jewellery. Trifectas are great, but they can expensive.

For LoH, there are two obvious choices without adding LoH to your jewellery... Storm Crow and Blackthorne's Jousting Mail. You are currently running Mempo with Inna's pants... this combo will lose DPS but fix up your LoH requirements and retain some of the EHP you lose from Mempo. This does affect your APS but as long as you have IAS everywhere else, you should be fine.

For more information, read up on PieHole's SNS guide. Ultra detailed but the more you know, the better.

Hope that helps!
Silly question, do elites get frozen for a shorter duration?
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