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05/14/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Quixotic
Pie the mitigation calculator that you referenced in your guide... is not found

Thanks Q. I tried a bookmarked version this morning and it wasn't found. I did some searching and found it again, under a different url. I updated it in the guide. Thanks!

and, yes, mit = total damage reduction
Just wanted to say that I've been following this guide quietly on the sidelines now for 6 months and absolutely love the build and the advice provided. I'm pretty happy with my wiz at the moment, doing MP10 Monster Slaying and Ubers in public games and not dying too much. I'd be happy to get some feedback on my gear balance if anyone had time. Keep it coming
i cannot for the life of me break 40% crit chance, and i dont have much gold left
I posted back on P2 asking for advice. I have tried to slowly (due to lack of funds) follow your guide suggestions and your personalized suggestions. I am quite pleased with the improvements to my wizard. My crit chance is up, my resistances are up, my DPS is a little up, and my mitigation is up. Thank you very much for your help. I am posting again, so that you can look at the improvements and ask for some more pointed advice. I know there is room for improvement with the Tal armor by adding some resist all there. The ammy I am currently wearing is the best one I have been able to craft to date; I know it can get better. I have one more % attack speed than I need in order to stay above the 2.73 breakpoint. I currently have under 50 mil gold to spend. I did find some Nat boots in Act 3 (Armor 598, DEX 238, INT 70, AR 80, MS 12%, Reduce Melee by 6%) that I could buy a Nat ring to go with. I think I would loose a lot of life and INT by doing that though, but I would gain 5-7% crit chance. I would like to get my DPS up to 150k (I am currently around 117k). Should I go for the Nat set? Should I concentrate my resources on crafting? Should I be looking to up my mitigation some more? Of course, I eventually want to get my DPS up around 200k and my mitigation to 90% so that I can do MP10. Thanks again for all that you do for this guide and the people that post questions here.

Interesting build there. I wish I could buy into the APOC Force and Mempo...the extra OS and AR would really, really be nice. But, besides being super expensive, doesn't provide more DPS...just more EHP. I've tried it a dozen or more different ways...and I lose DPS.

It pretty much keeps me from using Inna's like you do and maintain mit,....which I keep thinking about. Your also have a really nicely rolled ammy...(which I can't seem to do, lol).

Other than your low CC (which I'm sure you know about....since you're running +exp gear) you have a pretty nice setup. I'd look for new shoulders with +STR and boots with VIT...whose are both very affordable.


Good luck to getting to 200k DPS and 90% MIT. Start lining up the Beeeeez. I just recently got to 200k DPS with 89% mit and a litany....which is like 89.9% mit vs elites (or something like that) and I still don't even run MP10 solo....I'm stuck on MP9. The mit is not the problem....less than that is really even doable....You really need to do 250k DPS to make MP10 worthwhile as an SNS wiz.

Its best not to think about 200k DPS, lol. Concentrate on getting to 125, then 150, then 175, and so on...while keeping your current mit (which is very nice, at 88.6%).

Be on the lookout for a cheap 8 IAS litany...it would do wonders for your DPS in the short run (but it a killer for me right now) and also help out your mit (little more AR, plus the elite dam red). If you can get an AR chest, then you could think about BT pants with AR and 2 OS. Or AR/INT-VIT. The nats set, which I'm a big supporter of, will definitely drop off some DPS and EHP...gaining only 1.5CC. But it open up alot of possible ring choices - CD, AR, INT, VIT, and, of course, more CC. That extra CC lets you either start high CC (which gives you a higher damage multiplier) or lets you skimp on CC elsewhere...in order to add more DPS. Its just tough to take the hit from the ice climbers/rare ring combo. But keeping 5.5CC rings is tough...expensive and low availability.

Good luck!!
I sat down yesterday and finally dug in and played CM all out. It isn't as much xp/hr as my archon set, but I think that is due more to using a mempo in archon with a ruby.

I usually solo somewhere in the mp8-9 range. mp10 was definitely doable but slower. Group play seemed better.

Couple questions:
1) When do you choose Comet vs Molten on meteors?
2) Is shards that much of a damage increase? I thought I'd read somewhere that actual testing showed shards was minimal? Is mirror skin ever a good choice?
3) Would I have a fair-to-middlin' chance at soloing ubers?

Checking in. btw, you're right, the trek from 100 to 125, 150, 175 and 200 takes a looong time.
Over the weekend, I hit the 150K milestone with reasonable MIT/eHP stats.
Maybe one of the few who still uses a Blackthorne Chest.
I swapped LOH (1270 to 900) for CD on my ammy. Well worth it. 900 LOH is fine for this patch.
Onwards to 175K. Time for trifecta's with AR. Ouch, that's gonna cost some REAL coin/$$.

dps: 156K
ehp: 566K Diabloprogress / 411K D3up
mit: 89.1%
life: 44.7K
resist: 823
armor: 4884
Ini: 2592
vit: 1154
aps: 2.76
cc: 56%
cd: 197%
dodge 23%
loh: 918
apoc: 19
ms: 24% (don't need it with teleport and the dense packs nowadays)

Anyway, thanks again for ur help. Also to all other wizards who contribute to the Wiz community with great threads, ideas, analysis, support and fun. Best forum in D3
Yeah...I think you're in the right place with MP range. I usually do MP9 solo, and we're at about the same DPS. I think you need 250+DPS to make MP10 work solo. Playing in groups is really the way to go with CM.

1) never? With little debate, anything other than straight up SNS will give lower eDPS. Each meteor cast takes away form a WW cast...and WW is responsible for most of the procs and crits (as well as about 30-40% of the damage). Its fun to play however, just realize that you're not being the most efficient. If you do meteors however, I'd choose Liquify. Since it stays pooled, it continues to proc....unlike the others. Thus, it helps keep the proc cycle rolling along...not as good as WW...but better than anything else, basically. Actually, Meteor shower can work well on large groups (7 meteors, more chance to proc) but is awful on single targets (since most miss). Molten impact will give the biggest DPS boost, but doesn't proc much. I've never seen anyone run with comet.

2) Shards it usually said to add about 1 to the multiplier....i.e. the difference between 6.5 and 7.5, we'll say. So, about 10-15% extra DPS. It also is dependent on ping....it refreshes less often at high ping, and doesn't add as much DPS. Mirror skin is probably not a great idea....as long as the enemies are frozen, they aren't attacking...and no damage would be reflected back. I suppose it might work if you're standing in a molten or plagued pool....but that would be wasted on any elite that didn't have that affix. Plus, they disappear after a few seconds after they're frozen. On average, of course. Crystal Shell is the only other rune really used....its a good swap if you're a little short on defense.

3) I don't see why not...MP10? Probably. I've never tried it though, lol. Should run with CM, evo, and CB for passives. Just swap shell for shards for better survivability. Use cold snap instead of bone chill for better freezing. Or use UA instead of cold blooded (then you could go back to running shards, instead of shell). You're a little lighter than me on mit, if I had to guess. But its probably close.

If you want a DPS alternative instead of TP, try MW/electrify. it will give a good boost to dps (and a huge boost for large mobs) and won't take up an attack turn like meteor will.
05/20/2013 10:42 AMPosted by DeeBoo
Maybe one of the few who still uses a Blackthorne Chest.

Yep. One of the few. But it looks sexy as hell on a female wizard. Alas, that's not you, lol.

I think that most people value the INT set bonus from Zuni set or the CC bonus from Nats set more than the VIT bonus from BT set (unless you're running APOC Force/mempo and have a Cross....then they get the VIT bonus.) As you get higher and higher paragon levels, the extra VIT makes a huge difference, and is more than enough to get you over 35K life. That's not nearly the case at lower MP's though...you need to stack more and more VIT. So, I guess as you level up, BT chest starts to become obsolete.
Gotit Thanks for the insight.
wow. just wow. you rock. thanks for the response this morning.

basically, it drove me to spend a good chunk of the evening do mp10 ghom to test some things.
i guess i figured comet would have some sort of synergy with CB. and i guess to some degree it does. it was outperforming molten impact by a few seconds, but over a few runs i doubt i'd consider it statistically valid.

magic weapon. yowsa. blew away meteor. really surprised me. i totally did not take into account the cast animation i guess? very real difference in dps and ehp dropping meteor. surprisingly, poison seemed on par with electrify, it that a function of it just being 1v1?

i kept going. decided why not try sparkflint? whoa. it TOTALLY blew away MW. by 10-20 seconds most runs.

i have no idea what i was thinking with mirror skin. duh. and shards vs shell seems... noticeable a bit, but not huge.

i keep flopping back and forth between BT/mempo and inna's/stormcrow. if i could find a decent amulet with IAS i think i'd settle on stormcrow/BT and drop loh from ring for more damage. gives me something to watch for, i guess.

mp10 in general is pretty ok either way. mp10 ubers... is another story. i spent way too much time trying to take down sk/maghda. could get sk down, but maghda... my language reverts to my sailor days thinking about her.

Glad you went and did the tests. Granted, playing ingame with mobs is different than a single target with gohm, but its easy to do. And, for the most part, holds up with scaling. You can do something similar with mobs: People like to use COTA (I think that's the one) in Festering - single elite, good mob, small area, readily reproducible. So, you can kill mobs in a real life controlled setting, record kill times, average a few runs, and make conclusions. You can also use video capture software.....start recording after windeup for about 15 seconds or so. Go back and note the life of enemies before and after...and calculate the multiplier. Alot more work, but more realistic.

But, yeah, the cast animation of meteor is what kills it. It works best if you alternate between WW and meteor. You just want to make sure you don't run out of WW's...cause then you're really screwed. MW/electrify, like you noted, shines when you have large mobs of enemies...and the lightning arcs to 3 nearby enemies over and over again. Its nuts for DPS. But with just a few enemies it basically falls off to the standard 10% DPS increase. Familiar/sparkflint has been brought up in the forums before, but hasn't gained much traction. I think you might feel the difference here between mobs vs. Gohm. Either way, its also a good DPS increase and, most importantly, doesn't use an attack turn. Electrify will shine versus mobs, and sparkflint will shine vs single target. But...since the game is played mostly against mobs, MW/electrify will win. You can also try Cannoneer....that was the one that Boozor I think used when he was playing around. Shards v Shell is a continual forum fight. Its between a 5 and 25% DPS increase and likely scales with your ping. Lower ping = more DS refreshes = more damage. Higher ping....not so much. So its usually the first thing to be swapped out (for shell) if you need more survivability.

Interesting with Ubers. I usually relax once King is gone. Cruise through until Mag is done. Then again, I'm always in groups....well geared groups. If I play aggressive and die trying to tank too many swarms and die....so be it. Someone will rez me. But Litany ring def helps. And running UA instead of CB will help.

Good job!

BTW, did you actually calculate the eDPS or damage multipliers? Or just note the kill times. It'd be interesting to know what the multipliers were for each test if you don't mind doing the math, lol.
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Where to go next dps wise, while keeping my mit.
Kinda got stuck at 200k here
Turco the avg dmg on the force and the low CD on the ammy are really holding you back
How much avg dmg would be ok?around 300?
Things getting pricy more quick than i hoped lol
05/21/2013 09:08 AMPosted by Paranoyed
Turco the avg dmg on the force and the low CD on the ammy are really holding you back

^^^ This reply as been endorsed by Pie.

I'd also suggest AR gloves instead of Armor. You're at 88% mit...which is solid, but could be better. Your VW's are good, but I think a tradeoff of VIT (drop to 95-100) for STR (100+) and more armor (650) is possible....while keeping INT about the same.
05/21/2013 09:14 AMPosted by turco2
How much avg dmg would be ok?around 300?

The answer: more

More is always better. Shi**y answer. But, ya know.

307 is the max avg damage for a force. plug the different numbers (IAS, CC, INT, avg damage) into d3up.com and see what combination (for price) gives you the biggest upgrade.
The vw i have a ehp replacement, using this one till i get to para 75 and get a pinky on the helm
I got enough gold to buy a ar tal and gloves, but i am feeling confident at 88 mit, just think that elites die in slow motion.
Loosing 45 sec to kill the CoTa boss is killing me. Even with electrify on wich is what i am using most of the time.

Well, ammy and source wont come for less than 1b, 2 mkre weeks farming low lvl stuff.....
05/21/2013 09:25 AMPosted by PieHole
How much avg dmg would be ok?around 300?

The answer: more

More is always better. Shi**y answer. But, ya know.

307 is the max avg damage for a force. plug the different numbers (IAS, CC, INT, avg damage) into d3up.com and see what combination (for price) gives you the biggest upgrade.

With rings price get nasty for 5.5cc while 5 cc is mid price was thinking more about which avg ppl look for to look a bit lower
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