Diablo® III

looking for people to paragon lvl with

add me spoon#6845

dont bother if your gonna die every 2 seconds it will slow the process down
im doing it on mp7+
Edited by Spoon#6845 on 5/13/2013 10:21 PM PDT
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i'll add you - got to do a few tweaks to my monk - but i should be able to do mp5 hopefully.
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Some friendly advice regarding your wiz :)

Your HP and armor are quite low imo. I suggest raising them. I know you have high AR, but being a squishy wiz id def try and raise those. Also, drop glass cannon for the cold passive (think its called cold snap).
Disregard all this if you are playing as archon wiz (which i see in ur skills). In which case, until 1.08 hits, playing in groups wont work.

Also, rep for not going the standard CM/WW build.

Feel free to add me if u want, but ive only been playing HC lately.
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yeah man im an archon wiz
when im buffed up my resist to all is about 1400 im pretty tough

i went with what i think works well for me instead of copying everyone elses builds and having to use a macro

i do use the cold snap or whatever its called (20% more damage to cold) but i find i do even more damage with glass cannon
thanks for the advice :)
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spoon - I am up for playing to MP8 with my wiz WW/CM - was using archon/spectral blade build, but permafreeze is hard to pass up

I play most weeknights

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90 Tauren Druid
yeah I'll add you when the servers come back up again, would be interested in some join Aussie paragon runs.
Just trying through public games is driving me crazy!

-Edit - Why on earth is this showing my WoW char? Stupid forum..

I'm running a 60-16 Monk at the moment, pretty good survivability & damage, Also bring some pretty buffs to a party.
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Hi Spoon, wouldn't you mind DH in your group?
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yeah thats fine :)
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Come join The Southern Legion.
It's a guild solely for people located in the AUNZ region.
chck out our forum post at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7908630925?page=1
or our website at http://www.thesouthernlegion.com

We've got approx 130 memebers, most of which are highly active as well as a sense of community that will blow your mind. You will easily find a person or many people who are more than happy to accompany you on any runs you want to undertake.

Hope to see you there mate!
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