Diablo® III

What are your thoughts on the Diablo community?

I wanted to observe the general identity of some of the players in the PTR and why they still play diablo. Like so:


Highest Level:

The one thing you love about Diablo:

What could you say to encourage the developers:

2-3 Ideas you think needs renovation:

Note: Any negative conduct is highly discouraged. This thread is for encouragement so that we as a community can help make the game better.
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You're well within your rights to start a Blizzard cheerleader thread, but you don't have the authority to threaten to remove people's posts just because they're not positive enough.
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Like so: I like this game. :)

Reason: because its an rpg game. and very good but it can go way better as olways :)

Highest Level: 60 (89p) (EU)

The one thing you love about Diablo: farming and identing items, earning gold and selling stuff. :)

What could you say to encourage the developers: guys u need more workers on your team, i mean u are very good as u are now, but u are too slow and u take too much time for some stuff...
i like your updates and stuff but really get more people in your team and make this stuff faster bring more good things in diablo 3 in shorter amount of time. thats it keep up the good work. :)

3 Ideas you think needs renovation:

1. Itemization
2. more uber stuff and levels
3. more optional areas to farm and ofcourse higher density
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@CapnDingo I understand your discontent but it isn't really a threat. I want to encourage positive thinking and the only way to do that among the wolves of the internet is to cull those who spawn negativity and do not contribute to fixing issues. As for the level of positive thought in a post the requirement is very little. I do not want someone who will just throw hate filled comments because they deem this thread a "cheerleader" thread.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone else for a moment.
Someone who is tired of seeing countless people whine and complain because they can't squeeze more DPS out of their characters or find more loot or get lucky and win hundreds of dollars. I even see people complain because they think Diablo 3 was a grab at the cash held by Diablo 2 fans (even more so with the release of the playstation edition). Even I am subject to thinking in a negative fashion about some mechanics but I still find the demands of the players depressing and mutinous.

the way to make something better is not to grieve over what has not been and what cannot be but to help those who have the power to change something that may not have worked into something that functions properly.

I made this post so that one day a Dev would be inspired by the players rather than constantly abused. We know from recent releases that they plan on changing things around to better fit what the community has proven to not work but clearly they can't find any reasonable demands through the pile of spiteful posts.

(For those of you who really do try to help the team out with bug reporting and balancing issues I commend you. For those of you positive enough to make those posts helpful rather than demanding I thank you.)
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