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How does the wep attack speed affect SW cyclo

As topic says, how does the weapon attack speed change the damage output of SW cyclone?

Is the damage calculated of the weapons DPS? This would mean that a 1000dps dagger and a 1000dps mace would get the same damage from the cyclones but when using the mace they wouldnt tick as often as if i would use the Dagger.

Or is it calculated on the min/max damage, and ignores the attack speed. This would mean that you should stay away from daggers.

The reason i want to know is cause i am thinking about getting dual Daggers for my monk but i want to do some research first.
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Sorry to dissapoint, but APS does not directly effect Cyclone damage.

Cyclones ALWAYS regardless of weapon APS last for 3 seconds and hits up to 6 times during this period. The damage is done every 0.5 seconds.

Where weapon APS indirectly effects this, is the RATE at which you generate Cyclones. So what you said is somewhat true in that slower weapons' Cyclones hit harder, but faster weapons make up the difference by producing more Cyclones. Obviously this is assuming similar quality of weapons.
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Thanks, what i am thinking about is if the life steal/LoH would be worse with two daggers than with my current setup on sword/axe?

I am on EU server but i didnt get any answers there so i thought i would post here as well.

Heres my profile eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ElSvahnomano-2997/

i am thinking about getting two daggers with similar stats
  • around 1050 dps (minimum)
  • 150 dex
  • 50 chd
  • > 2,5LS
  • socket
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    04/28/2013 01:02 PMPosted by ElSvahnomano

    Also unfortunately Cyclone does not have a proc coefficient which means it does not generate ANY life on hit.
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