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How Did you get such awesome gear?

To all the DHs with like 300K+ DPS, i'm struggling to reach 200K, a little help? I know what gear i'm working towards, but I currently have <20mil gold. To significantly improve a piece of gear (real 2 socket Manti, Crit mempo, etc) were talking 250mil into the billions.

What I want to know, is how did you guys finance your gear? Anyone farm their way up to it playing a DH? or another class that got you to that kind of bankroll? Play the auction house? Find a BiS at like paragon 10? Anybody just drop like $2k r.m.? I feel like by the time I can farm that kind of gold/valuable legendaries i'll have given up. I'm starting to think the best way to gear up is to try to make money on the AH. If so, anybody have any advice to get me started? Types of items or price ranges I should be looking to buy to re-sell? Thanks for any help.
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craft bracers, craft shoulders, get cheap nats ring for free 130 dex, or drop the nats chest after getting a ring and buy an inna's chest to get the 130 dex.

idk why youre wearing leorics signet if youre looking for dmg.

if youre willing to lose the resist on the mempo for now, you can get a really cheap andy's helm with like 200 dex + atk spd/crit.

Only item i have that i spent more than 6-8 mil on was my manti for 40mil. So its really not too bad if you just watch the Ah for upgrades from time to time.

um thats about if. GL
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also if youre willing to drop $5 on the RMAH you can buy radiant star gems and sell them on the gold ah and make like 80mil. if youre really desperate for some gold.
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wouldnt say i have all awesome gear, but i do have some awesome pieces. if you dont wanna spend any money, like me, pray for a lucky drop
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Thanks, I'm working on the crafting part, i'm on glove #what feels like a million, I actually have a cheap Nat's ring and a couple trifectas. With those, I make it to about 182K. Right this minute I have HF, Signet, and Ruby in helm on for XP. I'm actually looking more for advice on financing really good gear. Have an okay Inna's chest w/ 100+ dex and vitality, the problem is my Nat's Reflection sucks and it's about an even tradeoff to make the swaps. Good Nat rings (one w/ crit chance) are currently beyond what I can afford.
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Coming from someone who doesn't have awesome gear but ONCE did(back in July on Barb), I say just continue to play the game and not worry about it.

If it's not significantly changing your builds or way of playing the gameplay it ain't really worth it, so just keep playing and your time will come. Some items that are worth billions now might be brimstone in the next 2-3 months.

Back when my characters actually had some great gear on, I then went over to HC and within a month everything my SC chars had on was trash. It was at that point that I just said screw it with certain item goals and just decided to only go for items that change my gameplay drastically, not just some number increase, something that changes the way I'm actually playing.

Your DH looks like it's in a great place right now, you could just continue to play and your time will come just like anyone else that's in the same position as you are.
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I found or crafted most of what I'm wearing now (cloak, gloves, amulet, hellfire, shoulders, belt, bracers). I RMAH'd my boots and Spite, not too expensive, less than $20 for the Spite I think; I have a little fun with my money every once in a while. BubbaGump gave me the Andy's helm. The rest was financed by in game drops.

Some gear that I spent 50+ mil on, like my old Spite, are now not worth much (I just gave it away to some DH in game for 1.5 mil).
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Hey Mat, its a long one, but I suggest you watch the video I made about how to be more successful at Auction Housing. It will give you an idea of how some of the top players got to where they are.


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Played the AH more than my DH. Filter 1d 12h items and see if any thing good pops up or get priced wrong because someone missed a 0 rofl. Also, look for bids when buying items, especially those that end during maintenance/down time to win them for cheap if possible.

More specifically for me, started on my monk slowly, found one or two 100m-200m items. Quit monk and rolled DH. Found enough items/played AH enough as I lvled up on DH to rebuild monk. Get bored of monk in a few days -> sell monk on rmah -> make profit -> upgrade DH. Repeated this 4 or 5 times before my DH hit p100 lol. For example, before I went to HC, sold my monk's cd wkl which I bought for 300m for $79 on rmah. You would be surprised how much junk sells overpriced on rmah and people are willing to pay for them. Also, used to sell gold on rmah when people still bought from blizzard -> buy/sell gems -> profit. Haven't spent a single extra dime on this game, and I can provide screenshots of all the equips I flipped off rmah to all those who doesn't believe me.
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Luck in drops.

Luck in crafting.

Luck in AH sales.
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You don't need that much. 50-100m per piece and 4 decent crafts is farmable.

But flipping is stupidly effective if you have the patience for it. You don't have to look for 2b mantis/EFs that you can flip for 5b, it's much easier to buy like 5-50m items and sell them for 20-500m, especially if you don't have the time to constantly monitor the ah. There are already hundreds or thousands of players trying to win the ah lottery for the best items, and there aren't that many underpriced bis items put up every day. But I doubt that many are looking for lets say a pretty good zunimassa's string of skulls.
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AH tycooning is the most efficient way. The most important thing to do is to spend a lot of time researching what market prices are so you don't overpay. Always try to bid stuff out at below market prices instead of buying out so you can sell them for a profit if they don't fit your build. Knowing the value of stuff also allows you to flip if you find that great 1d12h item that is vastly under priced.
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with under 10k elite kills, you shouldnt worry too much about other people's gear. but to answer your question..alot of ah flipping, and luck in drops.

You're lucky, back then we didnt have crafting so we actually had to pay 200m or whatnot for a decent pair of gloves or an amulet, or vile wards, etc.

just have fun playing the game, the rest will come :)

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Fliping, more fliping, then even more flipping.

Sad truth...I flip more than I farm since probably December .....

It is quite annoying really..but the only way to get upgrades or more gold for upgrades.

Even if you don't farm AH for more gold, you will have to farm AH for more gear, as something that you are looking for only comes once in a blue moon..and then you have all other AH flippers (90% of the community) also eyeing for the same item..and perhaps locked it already...

They need to implement the mystic already.

Though my gear really isn't awesome..so i don't even deserve to reply to this thread LOL...
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Though my gear really isn't awesome..so i don't even deserve to reply to this thread LOL...

You're a liar! Dat Quad Pox on your wizard says otherwise!
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I was pretty lucky while paragon farming. Most of my gear for my 308K dps DH Hybrid Tank was from those drops.

Strafe Spec is amazing for paragon leveling and just getting a ton of gear/gold.
That and crafting helps a lot.

I am going to try and get as geared up as Snickerers Barb right now. That guy pulled all the weight on one of our MP10 uber runs.
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Though my gear really isn't awesome..so i don't even deserve to reply to this thread LOL...

You're a liar! Dat Quad Pox on your wizard says otherwise!

LOL...um..that doesn't count :P
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You're a liar! Dat Quad Pox on your wizard says otherwise!

LOL...um..that doesn't count :P

Jeesh... that is a good Pox. I really like that average damage affix. Not sure if I would trade that in for my eHP Pox.. but yah nice ring!
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It's funny hearing all sorts of funky strategies when the most time and money efficient method is just to sell gold on RMAH. lol
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