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Have to log in to the site EVERY SINGLE time

The "keep me logged in" feature does not work, neither does the "do not authenticate on this computer for 30 days" option. Every single time I visit this site, I am forced to log back in and enter in the authenticator code, even though I have both of those options checkmarked.
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Try unchecking them, logoff then logon and recheck them
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its a simple fix really, Just enable cookies for (us.battle.net, battle.net) and make sure your browser does not delete them every time you log out of it...for firefox I use an addon called selective cookie delete, (I whitelist: us.battle.net, battle.net) and I never have to add my authenticator on the website. Im guesing thats your problem because I used to have that problem as well. Then all the "keep logged in" and "remember computer for 30 days" will work properly.
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While you would normally be right about the browser advice, this is not an issue with user settings. This is a bug that has recently cropped up across both the D3 site and the WoW site. Players are being logged out multiple times a day and forced to do a full login again. The login no longer persists across multiple forums (D3 and WoW) and we are forced to log in to both.

It is VERY frustrating and is not browser specific. Clearing cookies and cache does not fix it.

There is a three page thread over on the WoW Website Bug Report forum about it http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8704130955
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Clearing cookies and cache does not fix it.

If you read my thread i didn't say clearing cookies resolves it ... its holding onto cookies...and if you actually tried it you would know it works, as I personally never re-enter my authenticator, as that what the OP was asking about.

Not once did I read about "multi forum(d3 + wow) problems" in this thread until you joined it... not bashing just stating the facts.
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You are right, the fact that it affects multiple forums was not stated by others here...which is why I mentioned it. If you read the other thread where far far more people have posted, as well as provided ticket feedback, you would see this is not an issue with our local cookie/browser function.

What I am trying to say is that there is an actual bug with the forums right now and the usual fixes, such as you suggested, don't work.
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