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Anything but HotA/ww/rltw please...

I have played these builds before, and before you say "well of you didn't like them, your gear is awful! Noobface!" I had better gear before, sold it off for some WD things and whatnot.

I just can't get into the spinning and running thing. HotA is a fine skill, I'm less turned off by it, but it has been played to death.

Might go back to some spinning around and running like a maniac with new patch just so I can see some shiny things drop rapidly, but for now I'd like something a little different that is still effective. It doesn't have to be MP10 go-as-fast-as-possible super mega efficient, because I really don't care about efficient, fun yet effective is nice.

I have some different things I've tried, tinkering around with some Sword and Board setup right now. I just really don't see any discussion about anything other than what gear to use for ww/sprint variations here, and it is getting a bit old.

Anyone have anything fun they like to use that isn't completely awful? =)
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OP, I sympathize with you, but there is a reason that the discussions are centered the way they are. I've spent a lot of time trying to explore non-cookie cutter build and gearing options (you can see lots of my posts around the forums) and ultimately I've settled on using all 3 of the skills you listed in your title. I don't like using sprint/ww as an attack. However, I ultimately ended up making peace with it because nothing else gives you the same level of mobility or lets you keep wrath of the berserker up as effortlessly. It makes the game feel like butter in a way that no other skills do. HotA provides the highest single (and even double to triple) target DPS of any skill in the game. When you combine all 3, you get the basis for the most potent build possible for the class.

Look at the skills that the barbarian class has. What options are you leaving yourself by eliminating sprint, ww, and HotA? You could settle for using nothing but fury generators for your main attack...bash, frenzy and cleave...but their damage output is pitiful compared to HotA, and they honestly don't feel much different. You're left clicking and hitting things either way.

As far as fury spenders go, you have rend, seismic slam and weapon throw leftover. Rend is a great support skill, but it's not sufficient to do good damage on its own because it's just a DoT. Seismic slam is just a pain in the a$$ as far as I'm concerned. Some people have made it work well, but it's very awkward until you really get used to it. Weapon throw is somewhat like rend, if you can fit it in, great, but there are far better options for a main attack. Weapon throw is a weak attack and needs at least a slot of weapon throw reduction to really work....and that's only if you use sprint/ww along with it.

There are some very powerful builds that don't use ww (or even wotb) at all, but even still, there's not much compelling reason to give up sprint. After all, why wouldn't you want to move faster?

The bottom line is, there's no good reason not to use at least 2 of these 3.

If you want to try something quite different but very efficient, I'd suggest starting with this: (it does have both sprint and HotA though...)
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I'm by no means an expert or what some/most people would call good at this game, but i understand your pain. Before I went with my current spec I was using frenzy, leap, rend, ground stomp, revenge, war cry. It felt very tanky but it lacked the aoe damage needed to bring down large groups. I even tried to find some research or guides on a similar build but very little was available.
If you feel compelled to follow the path less taken you'll need to do your own experimenting and/or guide writing. There also won't be much help here on these forums, but that's just a factor when you take the path less traveled.
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Thanks for the responses guys.

Yeah everything just feels a bit stale right now, but the Barb is definitely fun to play and I enjoy a lot of the mechanics it brings. I know this whole cookie-cutter overload isn't unique to the barb, but of all the class boards the Barbarian board is definitely the most centered on one build.

I've checked out MannerCookie's build before, its not a bad start at all. I actually did have some good success with a Frenzy/Bash centered build the other day. Just focused on keeping some good buffs rolling, Revenge and Overpower for some AoE power, and abusing Berserker Rage. Cheap IK belt with +frenzy damage on it was good fun. Maniac proved to be a bit better overall, but Sidearm wasn't too shabby either.

There are some good setups out there, just not a lot of talk about them is all.

I'll play around with some more things and try to add some more discussion for those of us super bored with the current spinning silliness =)
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<-- Points to both of his barbs in his profile.

Krag. Rend/revenge. Good solo build that runs MP7 easily enough. If I swap in a witching hour, MP8. Very different play style to WW/HotA as you rush into a group of monsters to deliberately become surrounded by as many as possible then revenge your way out. Suits SnB very well if you want to muck around with a shield.

Sora. Critless Barb build. Yes, no critical hit/damage apart from the base 5/50. Damage is bolstered by strength/IAS/average damage items. Her damage isn't great, buffs up to 100k atm, but that's because her gear aquisition is low priority for me. Most of it's self found, crafts or cheapie's from the AH. total spendies is probably around the 20 mill mark currently. If you actually spent some decent gp on the build, you could easily get higher dps out of it.

It's pretty fun because you can max out all your slots for IAS and with a slow two hander, the attacks per second are pretty decent. Think outside the square skill wise and it's a decent build but imho, I haven't developed anywhere near it's potential as it's very budget. Surprisingly tanky (70k hit points with the grandfather).
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Frenzy: maniac
Rend: bloodlust
Battle rage: marauders rage
Warcry: impunity
Leap: iron impact
Earthquake: giants stride

Ruthless, nerves of steel, brawler

LoH: 1700
Some life regen/life steal

Utilize psn nova from Andy
Utilize ww from BK swords

For my gear, I can handle up to mp4

Just leap in a mob and kill
When things get crazy, earthquake it

I find this to be fun ATM
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There are plenty of viable builds to use, you just have to drastically lower your expectations regarding loot per hour or 'efficiency.'

Slam + weapon throw works. It's really slow against elites. Try weapon throw with the rune that charms monsters.

Builds with charge and eap instead of wrath are interesting. It can be fun to dodge CC.

Co-op can also make more builds seem effective, mainly because co-op is pretty inefficient anyway, but you can use stomp or sprint:forced march to make the group happy.
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Builds with charge and leap instead of wrath are interesting. It can be fun to dodge CC.

This was fun. Leap out of frozen, get vortexed right back in before frozen goes off. Leap is also fun to use to jump up or down levels or across gaps. Doing those 3 things can really open up the gap and allow you to heal up some. Though I would advise to not leap right into the middle of an elite pack before you know the affixes.
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I use a slam/hota build which I find really fun, but can have some fury issues if your not geared for it. It uses slam to generate fury, as opposed to sprint.


and hota rolling thunder on this one with revenge. Works well enough.


Both are nice for a change of pace, and work well for me in farming mp7-9 on my snb barb.
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All you need is Battle Rage (In to the fray) and Rend (Blood lust) then mix it all up. Hell, if you have high DPS and Good Defensive stats you wont even need WotB. ;-)

Unfortunately, HotA and WW RltW is the most DPS build barbarian can do.

You can experiment with other skills like Weapon Thow, or Seismic Slam.

Have fun.

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Throw Barb is actually really fun.

Skill Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#fdUPRQ!ZYf!ZYbcYZ

Items: Main hand: +0.25APS Echoing Fury OH: Three Hundred Spear with +45%-50% Weapon Throw Damage

Rest of the gear is similar to WW, IAS and CC/CD.

Before I sold my barb's gear(100m build), I was able to farm MP8 really efficiently.
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Hey guys.

I like some of these builds! Just glad to see something other than whirlwind for a change =)

I do like the Seismic Slam oriented stuff, but it feels odd to me. It certainly fits better with a Weapon Throw based build due to its excellent range. I think I want it to be somewhere between Hammer and Seismic Slam range, minus the knockback and it'd be awesome. Seismic slam feels a little too ranged for a melee build and HotA is a bit too small of a range to really accomplish much AoE. I have tried the Rolling Thunder, I found it a bit hard to aim very well, but that may just be me. Felt a little underwhelming.

I've been using this:

It is pretty enjoyable really! Thunderstike isn't anything new to anyone, but it is pretty fun when you get em chaining together. I only run this on mp 1-3 right now, just playing around and picking up scraps for my still pretty poorly geared Barbarian.

I'm not terribly sold on Rend: Bloodlust in the build currently. Sometimes when I really need some life regen badly, it is a total lifesaver. When I'm not really in a big life need, it feels pretty useless. One thing I really dislike about Rend in general is the very slow/unresponsive cast animation. HotA is super fast in comparison.

Just not real sure what I'd like in its place though. Revenge would give me another fast firing close range AoE, but with how much stun you pump out with this, not exactly getting hit very frequently.
Really just needing a bit more DPS overall, not sure if that is entirely due to the skill setup or my severe lack of gear (probably gear).

Thinking about WotB in that spot but I'm not a huge fan of it either. Not that it is overused and tired necessarily, I just don't terribly like skills that do nothing for large chunks of time (hence why I'm looking for a replacement for Rend that I don't use much.

Any ideas are welcome, and feel free to toss out any more odd builds that you like to toy with on lower MP just for fun and not for power-grinding massive efficiency, there are a million other threads for that =)
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I'm not terribly sold on Rend: Bloodlust in the build currently. Sometimes when I really need some life regen badly, it is a total lifesaver. When I'm not really in a big life need, it feels pretty useless. One thing I really dislike about Rend in general is the very slow/unresponsive cast animation. HotA is super fast in comparison.

Ias has only one effect on rend, and that is to speed up the animation. I notice your Barb has a war monger and only one item with IAS on it. With that combo, Rend will be very slow. My barb had approx 1.7-1.8 attacks per second so compared to warmonger, it's much faster to animate rend.

If you don't like Rends bloodlust rune, then don't use it. If you have life leech on weapon, belt and/or passive, these work with rend so choose another rune such as ravage or lacerate.
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Yeah my APS is pretty low currently and I know that accounts for some of the slowness. I'm not saying that Rend is bad, don't get me wrong. For me, between the slower animation and the usefulness I get out of it, I was just considering something different in the slot.

I haven't tried Ravage or Laceration much, I like the idea of Ravage a bit more. In bigger AoE situations it does a lot more but against single target/elite pack Laceration will give more bang for the buck. I will have to give them a shot. Possibly up my APS and see if it functions a bit better for me.

I know I couldn't stand Zombie Bears on my WD for the longest time, then switched to a faster 1h and some IAS, and suddenly I saw the light, perhaps I need that here too =)

Thanks for the suggestions
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I enjoy throw barb, I can farm mp 8-9 fairly well. Is it super fast? Not really, but I never been one to really move very fast to begin with. I usually follow the storyline more then I do actual farming, but it entertains me more than "let's run through act 3 for the 987th time" gimmick that everyone is doing. I been using Seismic Slam for a very long time, and while a lot of people don't like it, I enjoy it. it can reset the cool down of OP:KS almost instantly and gives me a ton of fury as well as health return. Good for crowd control and bypassing obstacles, like those annoying waller elites.
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use call of the ancients. ur bros will take care of everything
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Slam rumble with weapon throw gogo
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A friend of mine named Lachdanan uses a Seismic Slam / Rend based build, and can handle higher MPs pretty comfortably. He gets extra cool points for using a two-handed weapon that's NOT a Skorn, and a chestpiece that's NOT Immortal King's. Seriously, check him out:

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He has a really nice mace there, hell that is almost the build I used when I had a 2h setup.
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Very different play style to WW/HotA as you rush into a group of monsters to deliberately become surrounded by as many as possible then revenge your way out. .

When I play HOTA, I stand in the middle of as many monsters as possible to keep my brawler buff up. Instead of spamming revenge, I spam HOTA. I'm talking about fighting elites.
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