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What I need to tank mp8. Please help

In my current build and gear, what I need to change, add, replace to be able to tank moth. I was doing today at MP8, I was barely alive and die like 8 times. But that's before I put 2 pink gem in my chest and upgrade my green to marquise. Which one is good for main hand on my weapon? I can't afford to upgrade weapon right now. Thank you for all input.
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well you are gonna need dual ls to make it easier
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Well, you should look to upgrade your gloves to get crit hit damage on them, even if you have to sacrifice 1-2% of the ChC, same thing with your ammy and possibly looks to get some Life On Hit with it.. it can help you avoid having to get 2 expensive life steal weapons.

I see your hellfie ring has a nice bit of LoH so a good ammy will get you well over 1000 per hit. I would try to get a ring with Attack speed in addition to the stats that are already on the litany, faster hitting means you LoH more often.

You can also try the Blazing wrath rune on your breath of heaven skill and deadly reach-foresight to give you a combined 33% of increased damage to boost your life steal.

More damage = more life steal and ememies dieing quicker so you dont have to tank them as long
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With what you have spent on gems your gear should be much better. Get better pants with 140+ vita, resocket your armor for dex, upgrade your amulet with an added DPS mod, and upgrade your off hand weapon because it is terrible.
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Thank you. And yes I know my weapons are terrible but I can't upgrade them at the same time. I'll do most of what you guys said on armor.
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