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warrior's rest build / gear help

im gona use my WD only for warrior's rest runs in mp 7-10

im looking for best build and gear possible that would give best results for this farming

anybody can help me out ?
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I would do mass confusion and BBVD and ditch the garg. If you are just doing that short run you arent going to need him.
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Probably bears.
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Try this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fiUdQj!YcT!cZZcbY

Or this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fVUdQj!YZT!ccZcbY (change the sacrifice rune to pride if you are running out of mana)

I really wouldn't recommend running WR right now in your current state though. You need to be able to steamroll mp10 for it to be worth it and you're a long way from that. You need about 200k dps with a SoJ on to pull that off. Doing WR runs on mp7 and 8 is a waste of time.
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Check my spec, the Locust Swarm is used for endless mana in the 1st part of the fight and the Corpse Spiders will feed your mana needs when the mobs are scarce.
The Horrify is used for RD packs but you can change it for a BBV.
Jungle Fortitude can be changed for spirit vessel to address survivability
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^Vekcna you sound like you are taking way to long to kill that pack. The first part of the fight? When the mobs get scarce? Everyone should be dead in 10 seconds. I think you need to change your build. Your gear is too good to be using horrify with FA plus JF for protection, and spiders plus locusts for mana. You should drop all of those and replace them with damage spells like BBV with slam dance and Mass Confusion with paranoia. You will kill the pack long before you run out of mana. You should also use grave injustice so you can spam spirit walk and use soul harvest twice during the fight. This is a total nuke fight not an uber run. Stack damage skills not defense.

I'm not trying to tell you how to play your doc but I think you are missing out on some serious damage potential.

Edit: lol your main hand. She gets around doesn't she?
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@vekcna, cheers mate for having same weapon. got it a while ago and then realised i was one of many with it, lol. good weapon none the less. i run a similar build with mana locusts but i would definetly take mikehoncho's advice and lose jungle fortitude and add grave injustice. i changed from a defensive oriented build like yours to more offensive and i farm mp10 vota runs way more quickly and effectively. i'd look for 1 more pur item and garenteed you would do mad damage. i went from a 65k hp 250k dps doc with similar resists and armour to my build now and im 10 times better for it with the pur items and stone of jordan. i die maybe once every 2-3 runs to the odd reflect pack or wicked affix pack but for the most part its pretty smooth sailing. i sometimes drop to mp8-9 and add ptv for quicker runs.(although today i died 3 times on the same run, all to reflect packs, lol)

@op, i'm totaly bias to bear builds and and am a total convert and believer in the stone of jordan. with that said, try a build similar to veckna and mine and see if its your cup of tea. mad damage all the time!!!!!
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I tried it, definitely more aggressive, very good for soloing the place. i like it :)
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I would suggest watching this guy for pointers as he does nothing but warriors rest DE farming http://www.twitch.tv/controlledanger, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Controller-1114/hero/13318011
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It's a video of Mp10 Warrior's Rest, taking about 45 seconds per run. The build and gear is shown in the beginning of the video. I don't believe there is a better build for this specific run, but I'm always open to new ideas.

If you have any questions let me know :)
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The portal will not remain open for me when I remake the game. Any ideas why?
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