Diablo® III

Best item you found that you currently wear

Or, what pieces of your current setup did you find?

My chest and my amulet
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Can crafting count? Because if not, I've got nothin... D:

(not that my gear is that spectacular anyways)
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Crafted my gloves and bracers. Found my Witching Hour pretty early on when It was the best on the AH. Of course I used it though, I think that item singe-handedly allowed me to farm properly. I also use my rare ring with decent AD, 9IAS, and 5.5CC and some resist (Not a great ring but w.e).
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The Zunimassa boots on my WD - first set item I ever found and still the best piece of gear I ever found. I accidentally crafted a pretty nice amulet for my WD too (accidentally because I wanted an INT one and I selected VIT instead :P).
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sadly nothing :( my crafted bracers though... if i could rename those i would.. @.@
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Crafted gloves, shoulders, and bracers, but I switch out my equipment often so right now only my gloves. I have a Tal Rasha's helm I found I sometimes wear, and then sometimes try to sell for way too much because I think it is better than it really is, and a solid Skorn I sometimes use with my barb and a sultan of the blinding sand I use with my monk at times for the comedy factor. But my fave is a Horadric Hamburger I found that is very high damage for level 30. I let a friend borrow it though. It is a self contained power levelling tool.
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well ive founded my gloves..
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I found the unity on my DH is by far and away the single best item I have found.
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