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new to the class, critique my gear/build

just spent a couple hundred mil and a few dozen essences to build this monk, only class i haven't tried out yet. seems to work well doing some mp8 runs, but i already want more out of it. any tips on my gear or skill setup?
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With two LS weapons your armor and res are fine, but until you get your HP to around 50K you risk being one shot by tough packs at high MPs.

I'd replace the Inna's belt with The Witching Hour.

Also switch your mainhand and offhand weapons. Your offhand has less dps because it doesn't have the IAS roll like your main, but it has a higher average damage witch is what you want for bells.

Switch WoL-WoL for WoL-Enpowered. It doesn't hit as hard, but at a cost of 40 spirit you'll use it a lot more.

If you switch out NDE to say Exalted Soul you'll also have more fuel in the tank for spamming skills.
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Unless you are using a lot of hand me down gear, it looks like you spent a lot more than 200m, but regardless, you did very well. If you like the 4 piece Inna bonus, stick with it. You have all black damage on your weapons, so the DPS difference isn't as big as it might be. You just have to decide whether you want the bonus or raw DPS and attack speed. I have only two critques:

1. As Relentless mentioned, your life is too low for safe high MP play. However, I would just socket a pair of amythests temporarily while you add paragon levels (about 95 life per level for you). You'll eventually level out of them.

2. Another 4 to 5% CC would really help your eDPS by procing more cyclones.
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In my opinion, 4 piece inna is strictly a Tempest Rush specific gearing. If you can afford a high roll Witching Hour and a crit Mempo, do it.

Also, again, this is just my opinion, WoL really works much better with a Skorn, or with a spec designed with making it the primary damage dealer, such as the Nirvana build or its variations, or some Tempest Rush specs. I find that simply adding it to a dual wield cookie cutter spec in lieu of FITL doesnt add very much edps and leaves me perpetually spirit starved and missing the crowd control.

One other thought, drop NDE for BoY - being able to have serenity up fully 33% of the time is a *huge* boon to sustainability. Combine that with FITL being able to keep enemies blinded for another quarter of the time means you have full CC or total immunity for 7/12 of the time. In my opinion for high MP soloing, Cookie + BoY is still the best two way (offense\defense) build, even if we are all sick to death of it its very difficult to find something better. Unless you have absolutely godmode gear.
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05/05/2013 03:01 PMPosted by AZsnowstorm
Unless you are using a lot of hand me down gear, it looks like you spent a lot more than 200m

yeah the ias sword and inna pants are borrowed from my wizard. other than that, i spent a total of 135m on the non crafted pieces. impressed with how cheap this gear is.

thanks for the tips guys, i think i will drop the 4 piece inna's. i've changed around my build for keeps farming with a CM wiz, and loving it. exploding palm with cyclone strike is amazing. i don't think i can drop NDE though, the maniacs hit too hard.
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05/05/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Ryan
i don't think i can drop NDE though, the maniacs hit too hard.

Thats what serenity is for ;)

Definitely not worth using a passive slot for one enemy in one zone, IMO. NDE is strictly a PVP skill.
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