Diablo® III

Gold Dupe on the RMAH?


yea...thanks to the ptr ...was worth it....*facepalm*
they can't roll back. why do you think gems are blowing up? people are cashing out, it's well past a rollback
The greed that the design of this game has created and allowed to fester is shameful.
thanks to people like these streamers we know why not to spend irl money!!!

Hope blizz takes action begs for forgivness to the community and gives this guy a medal for showing it so fast and not keeping it for himself
Wow what a massive fail.
Are we rich now?
NO ROLLBACK! I just legitimately made a lot of money by unsocketing my gear. Made some new topazes for playing and made a 1/2 billion, while losing 4K damage. I'm happy for honest players making gold on their investments...just ban the cheaters.
maybe its intended? first step to the removal of the ah! would be epic...
Messed up XD so funny this patch^^
3rd party setes selling 1bil for $1, gold MASS duped now

Rollback is guaraneed, and money back for RMAH prucases, nice stuff

this is what i call entertaining^^
This just.....I cant even..... I don't even know. I don't want to play right now cause anything I find could be lost in a rollback, if they do one that is.
all third party sites selling the duped gold looooooooooooooooooool :D good job and nice patch and thats what we was waiting 3 months now :D
Lets blame Jay wilson?
LOL good job blizzard. you just ruined the game with the new patch
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all he has to do is contact blizzard and delete the gold he gained and he will be fine.
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05/07/2013 04:29 PMPosted by Mizzi
Are we rich now?

blizz did this on purpose, 15% per transaction. u think u r making money? blizz is laughing on the floor in the back
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