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How many use Pacifism passive?

I got enough AR so I don't require One With Everything anymore and I've been trying to figure out what passive to replace that with.

The best one I've come across is Pacifism in my opinion.

With few nados and sweeping wind in place, I am able to stay alive with only 2.8 LS when being frozen, jailed, etc. I am able to just be lazy and stay in one place instead of trying to avoid those immobilizing affixes since 75% damage reduction keeps me alive.

I'm just wondering if there are other monks using pacifism and loving it as much as I am. :)
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I use it, and like it. knocks down on damage when immobilized. And I have 5.4 LS. But I am different then most builds, like I also use CW/Mangle. I run MP 7-8 the most.

You have a nice Monky Wonk there, but it would be better if you got your AR up to 500 and life to 40k
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I love the pacifism skill however I am unable to use it with my current stats but I will as soon as I can get rid of one with everything.
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The way I always saw it monk only can "choose" 1 passive. OWE and seize the initiative are just too good to give up IMO.

Pacifism is a really good one but the problem is it only helps very infrequently. IMO passives should help you at all times. I use combo strike for my 3rd or beacon depending on the build.
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load up a 2nd attack such as FOT/Forsight and as your 3rd passive, load combo strike.. YOu'll get a !@#$% with the results ;P

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Use and love :)
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I always use it.
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Back before I had use GP I used Pacifism all the time. Great stuff.
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I just recently got rid of owe myself, and i wondered very soon after why I have ignored pacifism my entire life.

I love it, and take it with me everywhere (except TR farming). Makes mp10 very accessible and I couldn't be happier.
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I dropped serenity for my earth ally and once I got my DPS over 200k then I dropped CS for pacifism.
It pretty much fixed my weakest area (when I was trapped or frozen in ground effects). Now my tornadoes usually heal me 100% while pacifism is in effect., and I don't worry about dodging freeze-bangs...I just charge in and faceroll everything.
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I like pacifism a lot too, but now trying NDE, which is also gd.

just wonder why u use BoH/BW when u are using CS?

BoH/BW only gives you 15% dps
but if you use DR/Foresight, u will gain 8%+18% dps?
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I recently dropped serenity. Pacifism helps a lot when I'm doing solo runs. 75% damage is huge. At mp10 I don't even take damage while been frozen and standing on plague and other nasty affixes, in fact I gain hp back from sweeping wind via life steal
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