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BUG Zero Dog

I am sorry if this threat already exists. I think there is a bug with with LL and reflect dmg elites. Whenever elites have reflect on MP8+ its hard to stay alive even wit 3% LL.
So my impression is LL is simply ignored and buged.
Whats your expirience?
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I can tank elites but not champion packs. I have 2.8% life steal.
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3% ls is not enough to counter RD packs. I for one use Provoke the Pack and a little switch in strategy goes a long way with RD packs.

-if it's just the elite pack and no trash, don't stand in the middle of all of them. All those dogs connecting to each elite by standing in the middle is a lot of pain. Run around them in circles stagger casting dogs/sac 3x cast per stagger until the RD pulses off. As the elites start dropping, RD becomes easier to ignore.

-SW right after SH and get in the middle, BBV, Paranioa then spam dogs/sac. If you have decent APS, the 3 seconds jaunt provides you is more than enough for the globe windup to help with the 3% LS. RD pulses intermittently and I have found the faster you can dish out the high damage, the faster the first pulse disappears (this is only a theory through observation). So far seems to be consistent tho. This provides you enough time to knockout the elites before the second pulse. If they don't drop, just rinse and repeat.

-if there are a lot of trash mobs, just herd them all into one big pile, with the elite pack somewhere in the middle, SW into the pile, dogs/sac. With decent AS, the trash mobs altogether should provide you with enough life return to make your ls workable enough to ignore RD til the elite pack is dead. Provided there are enough trash to feed ls off of.
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