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WotFS Build = fun diversion from Tempest Rush

Reasoning: I'm a monk, therefore I love to PUNCH FAST and RUN FAST. I was sad because Tempest Rush builds make me punch slow :*(

Save money!: you can use all of your normal DPS gear, no need to avoid AS like you do in tempest rushing to increase spirit regen. In fact, the higher your AS, the more damage Submission does.
Run very, very fast!: it takes a little bit of technique, but in my experience I feel it's faster than I can Tempest Rush (I couldn't get enough DPS with the special gear requirements and I would have to circle back to kill things off, slowing down my runs)
BUDDIES!!: Air ally running around with you makes it feel like an AoE party of awesomeness!
Things die without you touching them!: the radius on Submission and Firestorm is nuts. You can care much less about where you are running than you do while tempest rushing.

Basic build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#adkS!Z!aacb

Feel free to add whatever you see fit. I'm currently using Air Ally to increase AoE and Blazing Wrath for a straight DPS boost, and Chant of Resonance so that I can spam WotFS more often.

The build centers around increasing the damage of Submission (your primary damage dealer) with AS. I think Firestorm is the right choice because you really aren't punching enough to make cyclones and increased radius is the correct choice over Bladestorm because MATH! (some equation involving the area of a circle). The technique is to jump around the map with WotFS, using it especially on the last mob in a pack so that you can run between packs more quickly.

Have fun!
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As a big champion of firestorm, I'd have to agree with Fitz about this one. Firestorm works great for me in MP10 CotA runs because monster density is so high. And I'm actually not wanting monsters to die too quickly around me because of my SW, as they are my source for life & spirit regen.

But in your build, if your objective is to move around a map and kill monsters quickly, then higher damage output from bladestorm totally makes sense (unless your DPS is high enough to kill with firestorm).

As for your claims that your build is faster than TR. I'm not so sure. I spent a lot of time avoiding TR before Bells were buffed and so I used a build very similar to yours (with WotHF/BF and DS/WotFS) to move round. (My build is listed in the sticky above). The main drawback of this is that it requires you to have monsters and objects to DS to in between packs. I also found that it was difficult to keep up with the spirit requirements, as the costs to spam WotFS is 25 spirit, and that can quickly run out if you run through a dry patch of monsters.

When you don't have spirit or adequate monster density in between packs, it does slow down. TR has no such requirement and allows you to move at an extra 10% MS (base for TR) + 25% (Tailwind) and is not dependent on whether there are objects or monsters around.

One thing I must say though. DS/WotFS (or any rune for that matter) is a lot of fun and makes for different strategies when playing.
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I didn't realize TR was a "not a fun" skill:)

Probably the best all around mobility skill in the game for any class...but by all means continue to use Dashing Strike.
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@Supes, it's not that I am saying that TR is not fun. it is, but when it comes to strategic positioning in combat, nothing beats DS. As far as overall mobility, I agree with you in that TR is probably the best.
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05/05/2013 01:00 PMPosted by Nameless
@Supes, it's not that I am saying that TR is not fun. it is, but when it comes to strategic positioning in combat, nothing beats DS. As far as overall mobility, I agree with you in that TR is probably the best.

True, Dashing Strike is amazing in mobility against Ubers (for example love it)... it has it's advantages over TR...I've never quite been able to master it in open game play so my opinion is influenced by the dark side of the force:)
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TR is totally fun. The first time I used it felt like cheating. Just was surprised that I could get a similar experience (speed-wise) with WotFS and break up the monotony (more builds!!).

Thanks for the input regarding Firestorm/Bladestorm. I agree that Bladestorm has a higher damage output mathematically. My rationale for Firestorm is if you have enough damage to kill mobs outright then it just gives you more radius, but don't think I'm there yet though.

My observations for WotFS being "faster" are based upon the massive distance that you can teleport and the fact that you can "cut corners" a little with it, not the actual move-speed itself. I'm sure it actually is slower in reality because it's pretty rare to continuously line up those teleports and keep moving in the forward direction (it's all dependent upon mob placement).
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TR is great but above 1.18 AS it's uptime is too limited.

This is my #1 favorite build for MP10 'normal' solo farming and once I get a few hundred (thousand?) more AC2 runs done, this will be my go-to build:


More than one S/G is not needed (at all)...
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