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"A Unique Collection" Hunting group - XIII

Hi guys, I have officially completed my achievements and attained 4560 points.

This group has given me some great 10-day memory because we have hunted monsters together all day every day. Well, the uniques hunting was really challenging and dry in the sense that it would probably take one to two days to find out the exact monster you want. But this group and the chat kinda made hunting more interesting and motivative. There were times I could find out the unique monsters that everyone wants, and some other times players here found the other hard-found ones which are indispensable to me. We all shared a fair amount of work in hunting unique monsters.

Anyways, I really appreciate your help without which I wouldn't have completed this hard task. This achievement is really a collective work of this group. I really suggest people who want to get uniques should join this group.

Cheers, Avogato.
Kysindra the Wretched. SC norm


Dead. Shared with Faith
Edited by Juggerr#1107 on 5/26/2013 11:21 AM PDT
Hey guys, those of you who have been missing me (cause i know you do miss me) i'm taking a break for a while due to i'm so upset about my hardcore guy getting killed by my first and only disconnect in 1000 hours. I'm sure i'll return, but dunno if it would be sooner or later. thanks for the help, and good luck with your hunting. also any suggestions on games i should try that are currently out would be appreciated. I'm a huge fan of hack and slash (diablo/ dynasty warriors) but love rpgs in general also. fps are not my favorite. the only other games i currently play are guild wars 2 and boredlands 2.
Good luck to you. Hope to see you back soon. I took a two month break myself back in August/September. Try Rift, Torchlight, or Path of Exile.
Congrats Avogato! I couldn't agree more about the kick !@# hunting party we've established. I won't even know what to do after I finish all the achievements; play the game like a normal person I guess...

I say we all start making our own achievement list. Real challenges only; no more retardedly long farming missions. Or we could start having competitive races for gold, like who can find the Key Warden first. Homemade PvP system? We all have something in common, in that we want more from this game. Let's make it happen.

Smitler, I'm so sorry bro. That is exactly why I stopped playing HC after getting the achieves. The motivation to not die is fun, but the fear of a comp crash or disconnect is NOT! There needs to be a way to detect why we died, and not count it if lag was involved. Anyway, I like to think of it as your character having a heart attack. Good luck wherever you are!
Raiha the Vicious SC MP7


DEAD....no takers
Edited by gunner21#1310 on 5/26/2013 3:02 PM PDT
Bashiok in game - bring your own blade
Zhelobb the Venomous

Dead - shared with Elva and Juggerr
Edited by houser2112#1114 on 5/26/2013 3:45 PM PDT
Dataminer! SC Inferno MP1. YOU ONLY HAVE TO HIT HIM! I'll keep it open for a while, will post when he's gone. Dead.
Edited by Benno#1848 on 5/26/2013 4:19 PM PDT
coming for dataminer

Thank you very much for the share! Now The haunting is done! :) Just have Captain Cage left!
Edited by Spooky#1560 on 5/26/2013 4:45 PM PDT
Qurash the Reviled HC nightmare mp0
dead Awkkh
Edited by Joe68#1542 on 5/26/2013 5:07 PM PDT
Anyone needs Veshan the fierce?

dead. done with elva.
Edited by Thebas#1310 on 5/26/2013 6:13 PM PDT
Gart the Mad anyone need?

dead now. done with houser2112 and TweedieBrd.
Edited by Elva#1911 on 5/26/2013 8:41 PM PDT
Cudgelarm SC MP 10 2 slots open

Dead Shared w/ BFG
Edited by hawron954#1779 on 5/26/2013 8:58 PM PDT
Edited by Animaz#6743 on 5/26/2013 10:57 PM PDT
Marchocyas HC HELL MP0....will wait for 10mins

Dead. No takers.
Edited by Phoenix#1850 on 5/26/2013 10:53 PM PDT
Slarg the Behemoth. SC NM


Dead. Shared with Bfg Aarison82 and Elva
Edited by Juggerr#1107 on 5/26/2013 11:18 PM PDT
Torsar, SC Inferno mp10.Will hold 10 minutes


Edit: no takers
Edited by Orphonox#2255 on 5/27/2013 2:31 AM PDT
I Have Lucious the Depraved in Game.
Inferno ( 7 ) - Softcore
Add me in Game - HellBoy#6795, will wait for 10 mins from now.


Edited by HellBoy#6795 on 5/27/2013 2:49 AM PDT
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