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Shondar the Invoker. SC nightmare


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Hi! I'm Thorware and I just started focusing on this achievement. I've killed about half of the uniques naturally by leveling 10 characters to 60. So far I have intentionally farmed and found two of the uniques I was missing. I just discovered this thread and it looks like a great resource!

I have a question for you all. What's the most efficient class and build for combing a zone for a unique?

For me, the best I've found so far is a Monk with:

Movement speed:
Boots + Lacunis = +24% movement speed
Fleet Footed = +10% movement speed (ignores the movement speed cap)
Tempest Rush + Tailwind to run around very fast at a steady pace.

Spirit regen to maintain tempest rush spirit permanently:
2-handed mace with .9 attack speed (low attack speed = less spirit used)
Mantra of Healing + Circular breathing - +3 spirit regen
Chant of Resonance - +2 spirit regen
Spirit stone close to +2.50 spirit regen
Stone of Jordan ring close to +2.50 spirit regen
The Guardian's Path, +35% spirit regen
Templar + Inspire, +12% spirit regen

For some extra mobility:
Dashing Strike + Way of the Falling Star. Gives a fast teleport to a clickable enemy then grants a 3 second +25% movement speed boost that ignores the movement speed cap.

This feels very fast and efficient, and when I find a fleeting shrine, oh man this baby can whiz!

Is there a standard exploring build that is even more efficient than this? Maybe with the Demon Hunter's crazy vaulting?

Thanks for any tips!

Thanks this is what I needed. Been using DH vaulting around and been thinking if Monks are much better with their unlimited spirit resource.
The Archivist sc mp1.

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DH vaulting will work great for a bit but u will run out of disc fast... and the DH's skill dont ignore the speed cap (forget the name but one skill gives a bonus to movement at full hatred... doesnt work.)

I think u have a good build... what difficulty and mp are u running?

I just farm for them on inferno mp5 since i still hope for good drops :)
Merrium Skullthorn SC MP1 Inferno


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nooooo! lol! missed it!
Haxxor MP 10 SC, Brownknight#1152 Up and ready to kill.

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Mage lord Skomara, SC Inferno mp6.Will hold 10 minutes.


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Do we have a channel up and running? Can I get an InVite?!
Lucious the depraved sc Hell mp10

A TR monk has been a favorite with most in the group and is great for if you want to just clear the area and not worried about every monster on the way. If you are more wanting to kill the monsters, I find a barbarian with Sprint works great as you can stop when you need to and just WW through a group. But this method is obviously slower for clearing an area.

As for me, I use my TR monk as I can pretty much one hit everything but elites in MP2, which makes it good for exp and speed.
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I find that it doesnt matter which class u have or how fast you run the routes..the spawn rate of these things are like less than 1%...I finished it on a DH and I didnt VAULT like crazy...just farm the act like you would normally.. and dont think about it...EVENTUALLY it will show up

OR because you are part of this group now...we all are actively looking for them REGARDLESS if we finished the achievement anyways..hope this was helpful dude.

Deadclaw the Leaper SC MP10

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wait for me pump
can I have an invite please :)
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inferno mp1 SC


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Dreadgrasp sc mp1.

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invite please
Have Bloodfeather in game HC Nightmare MP0

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