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0dog Wannabe WD need advice and suggestion

Hi fellow Doctor,
I am new in WD. So that I want to set the gear carefully. That's why I submit the gear property in d3rawr first before buy them. Now I need some advices and your great suggestion for my 0dog gear build.
Anyway, here are the results from d3rawr :

DPS: 146.242
eHP: 331.908
Zombie Dog Cooldown Reduction: -34

Life: 45.726
Armor: 3597 (53.31%)

Strength: 239
Dexterity: 67
Intelligence: 2701
Vitality: 1063

Attacks per Second: 1.98
% Attack Speed Bonus: 32%
% Crit Chance: 41.5%
% Crit Damage: 294%
% Elemental Damage: 13%
% Life Bonus: 22%

Life on Hit: 192
Life Steal: 2.5%

All Resistance: 699 (68.94%)

% Dodge Chance: 6.7%
% Elite Reduction: 5%

Now, the question are:
    Is it viable for farming in MP10 effeciently? (including trash mob & elite)
    How much is it will cost approximately?
    What stats should I increased more? vit? armor? DPS? ChC? ChD?

Thank you for your answer and your kindly advice and suggestion.
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It looks like a really solid 0dog build. The two areas that scare me though are your HP pool and Attack Speed. 45k IMO, is too low to be running in MP10 and you should aim for more towards 60k. As far as attack speed goes, you want as much as possible as it improves DPS as well as survival. Faster cast rate=more globes, and more 24k For the Master heals. Without knowing the stats on the gear itself I cant really go into detail about how to do so.

Keep in mind that as you paragon level you can reach your HP goal easier, as 300 vit is ALOT. So maybe a quick cheap fix that gimps DPS a little is the best option to shoot for to improve HP(Rare pants instead of Inna's, Zuni chest over Tals, Vit Bracers, or Vit Gems in your sockets).

Hope this helps!

EDIT:As far as cost, I would assume you are looking at anywhere from 3-5bil depending on how hard you camp the AH. Though 41CC is hard to obtain without a CC Skull Grasp, at 3CC these go for 2bil very quickly and would in turn raise your total price significantly.
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Thank you very much! :)
So there is no problem with the DPS, right? I Just need to increase my HP and ApS. Maybe I just change the gems. But I couldn't increase ApS more than that. Except I am using main hand with iAS which will cost me so much. lol
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Tried checking your WD out, doesn't have anything on it lol. What's your health globe bonus at?
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Hi soe... are you from kaskus??? maybe u can check my wd... so far he is capable for mp10 farming, either solo or group. for ubber solo max mp7 (able to manage easily), above mp7 - its do able but very hard to kill the boss... mostly they are kill me easily... lol

need to upgrade but lazy to search and calculate to new gear... :p
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